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If this pandemic was as bad, as the government and their agencies are telling us it is. And that it is killing so many. Wouldn’t there be riots and demonstrations just to get vaccinated? This is not the plague that kill large numbers of all ages. If it was, there would be no need to control and force us to take the vaccine! As I think Ben Franklin said “common sense.”

Instead, we have the opposite. Those in charge are suppressing the effective, cheap, early treatments and instead push vaccinations that have now proven they can’t stop people from getting COVID or transmitting it. The NIH advised no outpatient treatments to diminish hospital admissions. Wait till patients are bad enough to admit to the hospital. When has that ever happened!! Not pretreating a disease to keep people from overrunning the hospitals!  The real misinformation and not following the real science is being done from the powers above.


America was founded on the ideals of personal freedoms. They were tired of being told what to do by mother England.

Now America has become Old England. They had the right idea in forming the USA. But after 200 plus year the government has become infiltrated and influenced by big money.

We were founded on personal freedoms, religious freedoms, on ideals to protect the individual. The founding fathers wanted to get rid of big government control of making the average citizen do what the government wanted to do… only to benefit the goals of the rich and powerful in command.

Fear is used for control just like the Nazis used in their campaign against the Jews., Our government is again using FEAR against us. This has been and is the current plan. Politicians & agencies are corrupt and controlled by the money of big businesses. Who is it? The big drug companies, media, tech, etc… It’s not about political parties. Division is also another big item being used effectively. The political polarization. The opposite opinions on masks, vaccines lockdowns. All meant to keep us form becoming a unified unstoppable force. Mainstream media pumps out the fear and lies to brainwash and control the majority. It’s about personal freedoms.

While we have some state’s resisting. We need more individual and organizational support. We need to support the small businesses. Anti trust laws to break up the big monopolies, regulations for small business protection, etc…. Now days how can an average American run for office without powerful connections or money. etc…. We need another revolution. Hopefully a peaceful revolution. We need all Americans to recognize what is going on. The people need to take back control, to become the USA that used to be recognized for freedom.

Our founders did so much right in forming such a great country. We as a people have let this happen and also need to take some of the blame. We now need to step up to correct the problems.

The original founders didn’t realize that like all previous great governments the USA would eventually become entrenched with the rich. They always want more money and then the control and the power. This is what is going on now. Bigger is not better. Big influential money is actually calling the shots, in the first public volley fired in this war.

While we have church separated from state. What is needed is a government that is separated from the influence of big corporations. These people are imbedded in the government. Organizations like WHO, the UN and many governments. Hundreds of organizations like the WEC all part of and intertwined with a lot of world governments, not just the USA. Take the FDA, a large portion of their operational funds is from mega drug companies!

History always repeats. Taking away individual freedoms by governments. The persecution of American Indians, Blacks, Jews, and now the Unvaccinated!! It’s not just about the unvaccinated, it is about all of us.  What the USA stands for and was founded on. Wake up look around you, before it’s too late! Let’s get back America Land of the Free!


Ken Darby


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