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The problem with the Republican Party is that our elected “representatives” are all Deep State RINOs. With the Democrats, we know their goals:

• Subvert, Pervert and eliminate the United States Constitution.
• Destroy the Dollar, and the global economy.
• Put an end to freedom and implement Global Socialism. Quickly followed by Global Authoritarianism, quickly followed by Global Totalitarianism.


With the Republicans, we have a more evil problem. We Republicans have beautiful platforms talking at
length about Freedom and Rights. The problem lies in our elected “Representatives”, they could
frankly care less about our platform, beyond lip service.

Our Republican “Representatives” Goal:

• Pretend to oppose the Democrats.

Pretending shows itself on occasion (all too frequently). I call it “Riding the RINO”. Our Iowa delegation is a perfect example of Riding The RINO. They claim to be conservatives, but, when the vote is going to be close and the Globalist really need a win, one of our “Republican” delegation will ignore the party platform, step up and RIDE THE RINO! They literally take turns! This time it’s Joni Ernst, she doesn’t have an election to worry about this fall so now it’s her turn. Joni steps up and votes FOR Red Flag Laws. Even though Red Flag Laws are completely devoid of due process, are antithetical to the constitution, and opposed by the majority of her constituents; Joni steps up and Rides the RINO!

As we look through history we see the whole of the “Republican” delegation from Iowa doing this over and over. For example I can’t think of a debt inducing, currency printing, dollar destroying, unaffordable spending bill the Charles Grassley didn’t love.

This time, as usual the RINO’s will offer us platitudes as the the “safety procedures” they’ll be putting in place to guard against abuse; you know, safety procedures, like the FISA courts, just look how well those worked.

Until such time (and I don’t believe we have much time left) that we start holding the RINO’s responsible and start removing them from office, this practice of Riding The RINO will continue. We had a chance to remove one earlier this month, but a paltry number of voters turned out to even have a say in the primaries. We failed; or did the voting machines fail us?

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  1. Excellent letter that perfectly describes far too many of those we trusted to represent us.

    Last night I wrote to Ernst to express my disgust of her on the gun law vote.

    She is now a disgrace to our state. Although I told her not to bother to reply with her typical boiler plate excuse laden response, I’m sure she will.


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