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Dear Senator,
I received “The Scoop” email from you this weekend highlighting your 2022 priorities, and watched your speech regarding the rise in violent crime.  Let’s get real Senator, you won’t do anything in 2022 to hold anyone accountable.   You’ll fire off a few strongly worded letters, maybe have a hearing or two and that’s it.
If you really cared about violent crime, why didn’t you take action in 2020?  While businesses burned and livelihoods were lost you did nothing.  All of a sudden in 2022 you think it’s important?  C’mon Senator, even this simple Iowan knows you won’t do anything, too little too late.  Not a single penny of Federal taxpayer money should go to bail out cities that allowed and supported the coordinated crime spree; they created and enabled it.  But no, I’m sure you’ll cave in the name of supporting our police and send Federal dollars to your Democrat cronies.
You saying we need accountability and transparency at the Department of Defense and Justice Department is laughable.  Didn’t you vote “yes” to confirm Biden’s Secretary of Defense and Attorney General? You won’t do anything to get accountability, nothing!  Please prove me wrong.
Want to start somewhere for 2022?  How about the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan that cost 13 precise American lives.  How about the Afghan civilians that were murdered.  How about the $85 BILLION in military gear we left for our enemies.  How long until those true weapons of war make their way across our unsecured Southern border?  Will there ever be accountability for this Senator?
Your words are hollow and have no meaning Senator Grassley, I demand action.
Ankeny, IA


  1. Kevin you are exactly correct. Grassley is simply playing politics. Totally done with him. Thanks for writing about his position clearly and concisely.

  2. Are you OK with the actions and behavior of our elected public office holders? It should be quite obvious by now who is more than willing to take away our freedoms, raise our taxes, use force of government to close only businesses of their choice, infringe on our 2nd amendment, hold political opponents behind bars without due process. It should be more than obvious who is willing to hold an office of the public trust and turn a blind eye to injustices perpetrated on our fellow man.
    Now is the time to bring challenge to these establishment career politicians. The Iowa caucuses are getting ready to start. We, the registered Republicans of Iowa must go to our respective caucuses and make our voices heard. We need honorable people to stand up and be a voice for Iowa. We must act now to full fill the motto on our state flag. “Our Liberties we prize, and our Rights we will maintain”
    A good start for ousting a career politician would be to replace Senator Chuck Grassley. Iowa state senator Jim Carlin is running against Grassley in the Republican primary. Jim Carlin has a passion to fight for the rights of Iowans, and the freedoms of the next generations. Career politicians such as Senator Grassley will continue to stand by while government spending flies off the deep end. Will stand by while political prisoners from January 6th are held hostage without due process. Will stand by while babies are brutally dismembered calling it simply a choice. Will stand by when red flag gun laws are enacted. Will stand by when millions of us are censored by big Tech.
    The above should be obvious since the Chairman and/or ranking member of the Senate Judiciary committee, the very committee you would think would be investigating and shining light on all the above. Has done what? Has he just “stood by”? You all can answer that for yourselves. As for me, I will go to my respective Republican primary caucus and cast my vote for a better choice for U.S. Senator. Jim Carlin


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