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Letter to the editor:

I’m going to make a statement that will just infuriate LGBTQ. There is no such thing as gay rights! What evidence can we cite? The first is John Adams, our second president. Adams penned in a letter to the Massachusetts militia in 1797, and wrote, “Our Constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” According to Adams the Constitution will not work for immoral people or atheists. He would know. He was there a decade earlier when the Constitution was drafted.


A second point according to Thomas Jefferson, our third president and author of the Declaration of Independence, is that we are endowed by our Creator unalienable rights – God-given rights or natural rights. God DID NOT give us right to sin any more than a right to commit crime. What we have learned here is the Constitution does not sanction immorality such as a right of sexual orientation and gender identity as applied by LGBTQ. Those two items DO NOT belong in the Iowa Civil Rights Code because they are not rights to be recognized but are choices. Choices are not unalienable rights granted by God. They are not civil rights because they are choices, bad choices that a moral society should not have to give special preference to.

There is only one place in the world where an individual can find acceptance and not be discriminated against, and that is at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ. At the altar. Even though a person is accepted they are not expected to remain as they were accepted. Each of us would be told the same thing as the woman caught in adultery; to go and sin no more, to repent and turn from sin, do not transgress God’s law. We don’t obey the law
to be saved – we obey the law because we are saved. The end of lawbreaking is the beginning of law keeping. LGBTQ needs to be told this truth. There is no sin to be proud of.

Even though there is no discrimination at the foot of the cross or at the altar, there is discrimination in the public domain. That is where discrimination for immoral behavior needs to be maintained. I’m not talking about violating the privacy of the bedroom. But the abuse of children in the public library and public school must be brought up. Anywhere there are children such as public housing projects, swimming pools and street parades immoral misconduct must be condemned. Same-sex unions that cannot procreate are not a problem of moral people. It’s a problem of LGBTQ. The way the devil overcomes the problem is allowing this immoral lifestyle to impregnate the impressionable young minds of innocent children to reproduce itself. This is government-sanctioned child abuse and needs to stop! We must deny LGBTQ from using our schools and libraries as maternity wards to
procreate this insidious lifestyle choice! How do we stop it? We stop it by removing sexual orientation and gender identity as a civil right.

Most of us are familiar with Iowa’s red-top thistle. It is nearly impossible to control the spread of the red-top. You can’t mow them, spray them, trim around the edges. They only way to eradicate a red-top thistle is to put a spade to its root and pull it completely out. That’s how it’s destroyed. The same MUST be done to sexual orientation and gender identity in Iowa’s Civil Rights Code to save the minds of the children. This is the root of LGBTQ’s power. It is their strength being wielded in Iowa communities that city councils and school boards obey out of fear of being sued. It’s how they abuse children, parents and their communities. Call your representative and senator and tell them to put the legislative spade to the root of all problems concerning this state-sanctioned child abuse. LGBTQ does not have the right to harm children in the same way that they have chosen to ruin their lives. They can exercise the choice of turning to Jesus Christ to humbly gain a new life but do not have the ‘right’ to abuse children under the color of law.

  • Rick Phillips

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  1. Thank you for making clear the difference between a right and a choice. As we erase history we attempt to erase the voices of men such as John Adams. Clearly LGBTQ members have made a choice. That choice will never be the same as a right given by God. Our Constitution was written to protect our rights. Not evil choices that are man made. A huge thank you to John Adams and writers of the Constitution for making that abundantly clear.


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