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As I travel across Southern Europe and head to Santorini, Greece today I have a great deal to be thankful for.  One thing I’m thankful for is Twitter and the second is  Senator Claire Celsi’s ignorant Tweets and lastly, I’m thankful and blessed she’s not my Senator.

Late last week Claire decided to post the post below.


Interestingly enough she voluntarily put herself in the same group of “blatantly as stupid” as the cast of the View.  She spews whatever she happens to see to her following of people that take her word as gospel.

Claire’s post allegedly shows neo-Nazis showing support of the conservative-based Turning Point USA group that has chapters in numerous schools around Iowa.  She then continues to rag on about how bad this organization is.

Fortunately, Charlie Kirk and the Turning Point USA group came out with a hard statement while being interviewed by Jesse Waters.

CHARLIE KIRK: They [“The View”] went after our 5,000 students at our event there of high school and college kids. And look, I get attacked all the time, people say false things, I’m a public figure. But when you go after 16 and 17-year-olds that travel from across the country that then have to live for the rest of their life with a shadow over them because someone at ABC says that they might be linked to neo-Nazis … But look, what did it take for us to get to the point of an apology? We had to threaten a lawsuit, Jesse. And by the way, we’re still entertaining it. We’re talking to some of the best lawyers out there that are experts in this. And as you know, these things can be very complicated.”

Unfortunately (but expectedly, Claire Celsi never has remorse or offers an apology) Claire has remained silent and as usual, pretends her words were never spoken or ignores them like a two-year-old that knows they pooped their pants 30 minutes earlier.

It’s strange how the likes of Claire never once renounced the behaviors of groups that actually maliciously and intentionally went out of their way to destroy property, interfere with official acts, trespass, and injure law enforcement officers, all while carrying the torch of inequality and justice.  Claire is notorious for inciting her following and even when horribly wrong she ignores the truth and couldn’t care less because nobody has held her accountable.

Lastly, if you think Claire Celsi is the black sheep of the bunch you’re wrong.  So wrong that I hope you’d take a look at the Reverend Sarah Trone Garriott, and the many other tried and true Iowa Democrats.  Mingle amongst their social media accounts, attend an event and listen to the nonsense and the praise for the path the mighty Joe Biden has led us both domestically and in foreign policy and stature.

It’s time to call a spade a spade and hold political grifters accountable and it’s time Turning Point USA hold those with loud microphones accountable  in a Nicholas Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse fashion.  It’s time for people to put their money where their mouths are and place some accountability where it hurts, their wallet.

  • BJ Hoffman

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