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I don’t apologize.

I was at the Iowa State Fair all day Saturday, August 12th. I was overheard by a reporter calling the cult around the former president degenerates, regarding a an airplane banner being towed through the sky above the fairgrounds. I stand by my words.  Raheem Kassem, a foreign national, seems to think I care what he thinks. Alex Bruesewitz, a paid grifter consultant, seems to think I care what he thinks. I don’t. 


I stand by my statement. The only part of the record I’ll correct is that I do all of my activism as a volunteer. I take no money. I knock doors, make calls, and help in any manner I can. I know people in the Iowa’s House and Senate. I know people in the Never Back Down PAC. I know people in the DeSantis campaign. Everyone of them I’ve met have been genuinely decent people.


I’ve been heavily involved in politics on a grassroots level for my whole time here in Iowa. I’ve seen our efforts start to move this state in a better direction. The last 18 months have been a huge victory in this state that had long suffered under a regime of corporatist hacks and social progressives. We aren’t where we need to be, but we’re no longer running headlong in the wrong direction. I credit our governor, Kim Reynolds, for pushing back against the federal government when they pushed for her to issue stay-at-home orders during the federal covid tyranny of 2020. After 6 weeks, she recognized the errors in their thinking. We had youth sports in the summer of 2020, before anyone else in the US. Schools were open in Iowa the next fall. 


I traveled extensively in 2020 and early 2021. Iowa was the most free of any of the states I traveled to and through, including Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. I was glad to be back home to Iowa after every time I left. 


I have never supported the former one-term president. I saw his economic interventionism coming. I didn’t see 2020 coming, though. We were governed from DC for the last 10 months of his term by the medical-industrial complex. The former president gave the nation over to Anthony Fauci. Previous to the worst management decision in world history, he governed as a dyed-in-the-wool Keynesian, pushing the nongovernment/government central bank to expand our money supply at rates never before seen, to keep interest rates artificially low so saving was dissuaded and spending beyond means through cheap loans was encouraged, thereby creating a bubble that burst 18 months after he signed that disastrous CARES Act. That bill was the single most damaging piece of legislation ever signed in our history. Ask Thomas Massie about that legislation and our former president’s reaction to his objections. 


States, like California, were bailed out. People were paid not to work. Supply chains shut down worldwide. The massive amount of new dollars had nothing to buy after inventories were diminished. That’s what we’re paying for now. Too many dollars chasing too few goods.


This same guy who lost by his own doing in 2020, to a potted plant of a man, had the temerity to come back to my state at a dinner in front of a few thousand Republicans at the of July and tout his corporate welfare payments to farmers and his infatuation for ethanol production. No mention of the total moral decline of the nation that continued apace under his lack of leadership. The former president said nothing about the disaster that he left in his wake that allowed the forces behind Joe Biden to take over. 


When the RNC and our former president knew about a push to harvest ballots in certain states, no counter effort was put in place. The party and the former president gave up that ground, instead choosing to peddle grievance and “release the Kraken” nonsense. Instead of looking inward to see where they had failed, that former president and his merry band of degenerates (I said it again) chose to fundraise off of the backs of baby boomers to “stop the steal” instead of looking at what they did wrong to lead to the mess that was the election of 2020. I believe there was malfeasance, funded by the CARES Act, that went on. That’s been going on in large cities for a very long time. It was just supercharged in 2020. Again, the RNC and the former president had no preemptive plan to deal with it. 


This was all happening while the former president also plowed forward with a planned transfer of wealth from taxpayers to big pharma, called Warp Speed. That will go down as one of the most evil decisions in world history. We’re still coming to grips with that evil decision. 


I say all of that to say this. I have watched every leader in states and at the federal level over the last 8 years, since the former president rode down his escalator at a building he financed with funds from our societal enemies. I saw a few good ones, like my governor. I saw one great one: Ron DeSantis. I saw a guy who admitted his mistakes when he made them. I saw a guy who changed course when better data became available. I saw a guy who made his state a destination for people seeking freedom.


It was then I noticed Governor DeSantis’s pivot toward fighting back against the enemies of truth in the education, banking, and financial systems. He brought in Jimmy Patronis to help guide Florida financially. They divested from ESG companies. They fought Disney when Disney sought to make an issue of Florida’s proposed plan to protect young children from the religion of gender ideology being pushed in government schools. DeSantis followed that up with remaking the judiciary and university systems in Florida. 


DeSantis fired his surgeon general when that guy pimped mask policies against his administration’s policies, in favor of Dr Joseph Ladapo. Dr Ladapo is the only righteous public health official in government anywhere in the country today. After initially promoting the covid quasi therapeutics being peddled as vaccines, when the data started coming in, Florida became the only state to start recommending against the shots. Contrast that to the former president giving presidential commendations to the evil cabal of people involved in Warp Speed as one of his last acts in office. A grand jury is now empaneled in Florida to investigate big pharma and their covid “therapeutics”. 


In combination with Florida’s Attorney General, Governor DeSantis has landed the only real blows for justice against the evil that has become the cadre of Soros-backed district and state attorneys. His removal of two pro-criminal prosecutors is one of the very few righteous deeds in the nation in the fight against violent crime, in total contrast to the First Step Act signed by the former president after a certain influencer waved her ample posterior in his face a few times. 


The paid grifters currently propping up the former president’s less than energetic personal campaign,  many of which live in Florida because of the Governor, were effusive in their praise of Governor DeSantis…until they got paid not to be. Three days before the midterm 2022 elections, I saw it. I’ve been watching and studying these people since 2015. They never change. They’re transactional quasi-populists with no coherent worldview. Worldview is destiny.


Now, we have freaks like Laura Loomer, Steven Cheung, the Dilley losers, the two I mentioned at the top, and a whole host of other world-class degenerates (I said it again) making things up to smear one of the only righteous families in American political life. I think Ron DeSantis and his wife, Casey, are a mirror being held up to our country and people in the cult don’t want to look at their own reflection in that mirror because it says something bad about themselves. Strong marriages and strong families aren’t the norm any longer and can be intimidating for people with empty souls. I believe that’s why Laura Loomer accuses Casey of not going through a cancer battle. I believe that’s why they’re obsessed by physical appearances and clothing choices. I believe that’s why they make things up about the personal lives of this couple.


Ron and Casey love each other. That’s plain to see. When you meet them, they’re in sync. Spend any time around them and you figure out that it’s 100% real. They’re good parents. They support one another and they believe the same things about life, family, and country. As the Bible says, they’re equally yoked, moving in the same direction. They believe in being servants. Leadership comes through service. 


I don’t have children. I do, however, have a nephew who I would do anything for, up to and including laying down my own life. I have friends who have many children. I see a nation that is quickly spirally toward utter moral depravity. I don’t want to leave this nation on the path it currently is traveling for the sake of our coming generation. That path, on the cultural front, did not change or even slow down while our former president was in office. He would sometimes use inflammatory rhetoric to placate his fans, but then he would let his leftwing cabinet members actually set policy, controverting his rhetoric. We got all of the blowback with none of the policy victories. 


Now, do I think everyone who voted for the former president once, or even twice, is a bad person? No. Most people vote defensively against the other side. I do, however, think that the former president’s inner circle and his outer organization are some of the worst of people I’ve ever seen. They deny all reality to prop up a man who is so pride-filled, he still touts warp speed as his greatest accomplishment. He’s willing to destroy the man who governs the state he chose to move to. Make it make sense?


In closing, I won’t back down. Donald Trump must lose the primary for our nation to have any shot at a new birth of freedom. Our best choice is Ron DeSantis. His record of service is something we haven’t seen in a presidential candidate in generations. He’s not running to be somebody. He’s running to do the work need to help turn our country back from the precipice of decline we’re teetering on right now. 


Matt Wells


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  1. This letter reminds me of an old saying… Where were you when …. I remember quite clearly when I took all my Trump flags down off my trucks, out of my yard, and scraped his name off all the bumper stickers. It wasn’t when he banned bump stocks. Not even when he clearly said he was for taking the guns first, then having due process. It wasn’t when he left protestors high and dry in DC. No, the light finally came on bright enough to shine through the fog of deception when he pushed his Trump shot so hard. Even after so many were clearly being harmed by his ordered shot. Once you see someone for who they are you can’t unsee it. It’s time for people to repent of their idolatry. I sure had to.


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