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USMCA is NOT going to Save Rural America!

It is SO SAD that the “elected elite” (US Congressmen and Senators) are either so easily deceived or possibly financially influenced by those (Multinational Corporations) who fund their reelection campaigns.

USMCA is NOT a trade agreement that will solve all of rural America’s financial woes as the elected elite will try to make us believe. USMCA further erodes the sovereignty of our country as do ALL so-called “Free Trade Agreements”

Do the “elected elite” even read what these trade deals include or just follow orders provided by their handlers?

Why can’t the “elected elite” simply vote in SUPPORT of the US constitution?

Isn’t that their sworn duty?

If you want to see the truth about USMCA and some of the subsequent ILL EFFECTS it will have on our country then go to this link and read the truth.

– Howard Vlieger

Maurice, IA