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What is going on in American public education when the National School Board Association asks the 46th occupant of the White House to invoke federal hate crimes legislation and request the FBI to investigate as domestic terrorists any parent, grandparent, guardian, concerned citizen, student or teacher that would question public school policies at a public school board meeting?

What kind of totalitarian federal government are we living under when the United States Attorney General does issue a memo directing law enforcement to investigate anyone that does question public school policies?

What started out as Obama/Biden Common Core State Standards has now transitioned into Obama/Biden (third term) Critical Race Theory indoctrination to continue their agenda to fundamentally transform America to the obligations of global citizenship. (Socialistic one world order.)

Students are being indoctrinated to have reverence to the earth, the environment, green energy, proper pronoun usage and acceptance of all sexual orientations. Students are being brainwashed that the foundations of this nation and our Constitution are outdated, and that the American way, Judeo-Christian beliefs and all chapters of American history are tainted with oppression, racism and sexism.

Public education in America has become a distorted, dictatorial burdensome, troublesome, Godless, overfunded institution of irre$pon$ible insanity!

We cannot continue to allow the interpretation of tolerance and compassion from the White House to be confused with stupidity and ignorance in the restrooms, locker rooms and classrooms of our schoolhouse. Remember when elected public school leadership in this community failed to listen to 1,000 constituents that were asking for a redress of their grievances as to what constitutes proper restroom/locker room usage?

Remember when police, an attorney from Des Moines, the opinions of the Des Moines public school system, the Des Moines Register and various other groups were brought in to sell a planned agenda?

Remember all those accused of causing disunity in the community that were called haters, intolerant, bigots, and asked to remove clothing that expressed their right to freedom of religion?

Remember black arm bands, a “hit list,” bullying, girls leaving school to use bathrooms, and students telling law enforcement that they were afraid to go to school?

Well we do and if this nation is to stay out of the graveyard of fallen nations American public education has a lot to unlearn!

The lies of Common Core State Standards and Critical Race Theory and all its derivatives have created a divided America filled with envy, fear, anger, doubt and blame creating serious problems at home, school, sporting events and on our city streets.

Many are confused as to who they are mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually causing many to hate their gender, their ethnicity, their parents, their life and the life of others.

Is it no wonder that data recently released by the National Center for Education has reported a 70% increase in students seeking mental health services?

We The People of Iowa (who have not lost our minds) thank those in our State House, that have stood up with COURAGE and CONVICTION, for providing the choice and the means for parents to choose a schoolhouse environment where their students can become ALL that they can be!

  • James Lee Elliott


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