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When RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel announced the new LGBTQ coalition within the Republican Party, it ruffled a lot of feathers among the Christian conservative base. Her comments were in reference to a partnership with the Log Cabin Republicans.

The Log Cabin Republicans believe equality for LGBTQ Americans is the “finest tradition of the Republican Party.”

“We educate our Party about why inclusion wins,” the group’s website states. “Opposing LGBT equality is inconsistent with the GOP’s core principles of smaller government and personal freedom.”

The group proudly promoted Republican State Rep. Joe Mitchell, whose group RunGenZ has partnered with the Log Cabin Republicans.

Mitchell said Republicans will no longer be silenced on who can and who cannot belong to the party’s movement.

“Whether you’re gay, straight, black, white, man or woman you’re welcome to the conservative movement,” he said. “Diversity is our strength and unity is our key to success.”

The Log Cabin Republicans supports the “Fairness for All Act.” It adds sexual orientation and gender identity as legally protected groups.

So, while Mitchell says whether someone is a man or a woman they’re welcome in the conservative movement, no mention of the other 57 genders.

More seriously, Mitchell’s “partnership” with the Log Cabin Republicans is one that should have every Christian conservative concerned with the future of the GOP.

Getting in bed with the LGBTQ movement — and make no mistake, the Log Cabin Republicans are part of the radical LGBTQ movement — is a huge mistake.

We’ll have more on that later.

But in the meantime, just look at the Log Cabin Republicans’ support for a nationwide ban on conversion therapy for anyone younger than 18 years old.

The radical LGBTQ agenda works tirelessly to make sure the movement infiltrates public schools in every grade and every subject.

Take, for example, Ames, where preschoolers were told they could choose to be a boy, a girl, both, neither or something else.

So, the radical LGBTQers infiltrate the schools and then when a child goes home and tells mom or dad they are confused and believe they may be the wrong gender or may be attracted to people of the same sex, they want to make it ILLEGAL to talk with a licensed medical professional about these confusing feelings.

Unless, of course, the licensed medical professional will affirm the confusion.

It is a whole new level of evil.

Ironically, Log Cabin Republicans state as the party of liberty, it isn’t their goal to tell an adult what they can or cannot do. But it appears it is their goal to tell a mom and a dad what they can and cannot do in terms of getting counseling and mental help for their children.

Look, this is not to say a homosexual person cannot be a Republican. But anyone who allows the LGBTQ agenda to be pushed and pursued from the Republican Party isn’t a conservative, isn’t a Republican and doesn’t represent any sort of “strength in diversity.”

We will have more on the Log Cabin Republicans and the RNC’s decision to pursue some sort of partnership with the radical LGBTQ agenda.

Author: Jacob Hall