Mail-in voting has to become a thing of the past

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Never again should America allow mail-in ballots. Anyone who doesn’t believe there is an increased risk of voter fraud is either willfully ignorant or complicit in voter fraud.

The United States Postal Services is not — I repeat, NOT — a neutral third party. They have gone all-in for Joe Biden in this 2020 campaign.

More than that, in some states, mail-in ballots are allowed even after election day. This is criminal.

I have no problem with early voting, but it has to be done differently.

If mail-in voting is allowed in the future, all mail-in ballots should be required to be turned in either the Friday before election day or delivered on Monday. And every single mail-in ballot must — MUST — be counted prior to polls closing on election day.

Not one single mail-in ballot should be counted after election day results are learned.

If people want to vote early, go to the county courthouse and vote. As for senior care centers, send in either elected officials or poll workers who represent each political party to conduct an “election day” where those folks can vote in person.

What cannot happen is what is happening now.

I don’t know how the process works for sure, but I do know that it is a “secret ballot.” So, once a ballot is opened and counted, does it go into a pile of “mail-in ballots?” Can they trace who sent it in?

Here in Iowa, which seemingly did an outstanding job overseeing the election this year, absentee ballots are kept separate and stored securely for 22 months. However, there is no way to trace a ballot back to an individual person.

I don’t think so. At that point, it is just as legitimate as an in-person mail-in ballot.

What is happening now should never be allowed to happen again. It never should’ve been allowed to happen in the first place.

Author: Jacob Hall