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Mauro Campaign spokesperson Keegan Brown called on the Greenfield campaign to come clean with Iowans about her record on workplace safety and labor protections while she was President of Rottlund Homes of Iowa and President of Colby Interests. 

“Greenfield’s suggestion that she is fighting for workers stands in stark contrast to what she actually did in her career. On two separate occasions, companies she led were fined by OSHA for safety violations. Theresa then lobbied against workplace rules that would extend OSHA protections to roofing installers and opposed requirements to mandate fire sprinklers that would protect first responders and firefighters. This ‘sudden conversion’ to looking out for workers is certainly not reflective of her record.”

In addition to the business record on safety protections, Rottlund Homes of Iowa and Colby Interests were also members of trade groups and associations that opposed provisions that would have expanded collective bargaining rights for public sector workers, created stronger protections for contractors on federal and state projects and generally improve conditions for organized labor. As President of Rottlund Homes of Iowa and of Colby Interests she would have approved payment of dues to the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Homebuilders Association of Iowa, and National Association of Realtors/Iowa Association of Realtors.

Rottlund Homes was fined by OSHA for Workplace Safety Regulations – while at the Same Time it was the Position of Rottlund Homes Leadership That OSHA Rules Shouldn’t Be Extended to Roofing Workers on Residential or Commercial Construction

Opposed new OSHA Protections

Rottlund Homes was a Dues Paying Member of the Iowa Association of Realtors, Home Builders Association and the Des Moines Partnership. All who opposed the expansion of Chapter 20 Collective Bargaining, creation of a State of Iowa Prevailing Wage Law and Creation of Rules Requiring Fire Sprinklers in Homes Supported by the Iowa Association of Professional Firefighters


Prevailing Wage

Chapter 20

Fire Sprinkler Rules


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