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I have never been impressed by Kevin McCarthy. Ever. Never.

He followed in a line of flaky GOP Congressman to serve as Republican Leaders in Congress. Yes, I’m talking about Paul Ryan and John Boehner.


But McCarthy has seemingly embraced the language, strategy and goals of the Left — engage in identity politics.

“12 Democrat incumbents lost their re-election to the House,” he tweeted. “Every one of them lost to a Republica woman, minority and/or veteran. The Republican Party is stronger because of our diversity.”

Now, I get it. I’m a straight white Christian guy so my take on diversity may not mean much. But this isn’t a take about diversity, this is a take on political ideology.

Republicans win, we hope, because they are standing for Republican principles. They’re defending traditional values and our nation’s founding heritage.

They champion life, they embrace law and order, they support religious freedom, they favor individual liberty, they — well, just find the Republican Party platform.

If we win on the basis of a candidate being a woman, being a minority or being a veteran, then what good is that?

I’m sorry, but I cannot stand to hear people celebrate identity politics. Because politics is significantly bigger than anyone’s identity.

It is literally about the direction of our country — assuming we’re electing fighters. Assuming we’re putting people in office who want to do something other than be somebody.

But those people are few and far between any more.

We have very few Republicans willing to “die” on any Republican hill — unless the polling tells them to go ahead and start climbing because the hill really isn’t much of a hill at all and the voters will back them.

There were Republicans who wanted to shy away from any pro-life bills after seeing the Democrats chip away at the GOP House majority in the 2018 midterms because some blamed the Heartbeat bill.

Well, without the Heartbeat bill I think those same House Republicans would have been dealing with Gov. Fred Hubbell instead of Gov. Kim Reynolds the last two years.

But what do I know?

Besides, would you really rather retain office than save lives? Really? Like step back and think about it.

You’d rather be somebody than do something. You’d rather maintain your seat in the legislature for two or four more years than protect and defend unborn babies for generations?

We need to return to a time where our elections weren’t about candidates but they were about ideals. They were about principles. They were about beliefs.

I’m sure it helps to have a pretty face or pictures in uniform serving the country. I’m sure it does.

But genitalia doesn’t tell me anything about who you are at your core. Skin color doesn’t tell me anything about your commitment to conservatism.

If women, minorities and veterans want to flock to the Republican Party, great. I’ll be the first person to scoot over and make room.

But they should be elected Republican officials because they believe in party’s principles — not because they have unique body parts, skin color or veteran status.

Democrats have played identity politics for years. Republicans have, for the most part, been above that.

And we’re better for it.

Identity politics simply pits people groups against people groups.

If anyone — and I mean anyone — vote for a candidate based on name, skin color, genitalia, etc. then do us all a favor and quit voting. Stop.

You are the problem.

Republicans believe in the cream rising to the top. We believe in rewarding people based on hard work. We stand with those who stand for our principles.

Man or woman. Black or white. Veteran or civilian.

That doesn’t matter.

Let’s focus on policy, not personalities.

It should not be the characteristics of individual Republicans that carry the day, it should be the things Republicans represent.

Leave the identity politics to the shallow people who peddle them.

Let’s stick with what matters.

Author: Jacob Hall


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