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The following statement from Whitney Smith McIntosh was presented at an Iowa House subcommittee on HF 222, a bill prohibiting the use of the 1619 Project in Iowa schools.

The Democratic party are the new slave masters and the 1619 curriculum project is their way to corrupt the next generation.

Back when my 4 times great grandmother Nancy Fairfax who was a slave in Virginia, the slavemaster gave housing to his slaves, the slavemaster gave health Care to his slaves, the slave master determined if his slaves were going to have children and how many, the slave master fed the slaves. The slave master saw the slaves as animals to be bred, sold, and traded. Today the Democrat party is trying to bring about socialism AKA communism via the black, brown, and poor. They are targeting the black, brown, and poor by making them complacent and miseducated. This is done via Section 8 housing, EBT, minimum wage increases, no-cost healthcare for all, planned parenthood telling them how and when to have babies via abortion and birth control. These programs and behaviors that the democratic party is engaging in are racist. The only reason they believe that the black, brown, and poor people need housing and food and healthcare, and many other handouts it’s because they believe that black, brown, and poor people are not capable of taking care of themselves they are not capable of learning they’re not capable of being motivated and
educated and self-sufficient. This line of thinking and behaving proves that the democrat party thinks of black, brown, and poor people as inferior, human weeds, and chattel.

This mentality is no more apparent than when reading the words of the Democrat party’s hero Margaret Sanger “ A free race cannot be born of slave mothers….the release and cultivation of the better racial elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks— those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.” “Apostle of Birth Control Sees Cause Gaining Here”, The New York Times,
1923-04-08, p. XII.

The new slave masters are teaching our children that the Republic of the United States of America is evil via the 1619 project, the 2021 Ames school district’s Black Lives Matter week of action, and a variety of other “projects” created by left-leaning/slave master supporting educators. These folks are trying to eradicate history instead of teaching our children to understand, think critically about and not repeat. They are teaching that because slavery existed and racism exists history must be whitewashed.

As I was doing my research for this statement I pulled the heaviest, biggest book I had off of my shelf. It is 580 pages and 20 chapters of African American History in the state of Iowa. The title is “Outside In: African-American History in Iowa 1838-2000.” The dust covers summarize the book and our history.

“A distinguished group of 36 writers (for no pay or royalties), including community leaders as well as academic historians, has created Outside In: African-American History in Iowa, 1838-2000, a book certain to become the standard work on the African-American experience in Iowa. Each of the book’s 20 chapters focuses on a particular aspect of that experience–legal and political rights, business and professional leadership, clubs and community organizations, churches and schools, and more–from Iowa’s territorial days to the present. Hundreds of photographs (gathered from family albums and scrapbooks, as well as historical archives) accompany the text, which is documented with extensive references. A detailed index is also included. Three themes tie together the enormous amount of historical information contained in Outside In *The struggle of black Iowans to claim their rights as citizens; *The pursuit of individual opportunity in Iowa’s evolving economy over the years; and *The creation of community institutions to help families and individuals through good times and bad. Outside In provides the big picture and the details of this proud story of African-American initiative in Iowa, from the groundbreaking legal victories of pioneer Alexander Clark up through the present day political triumphs of Preston Daniels and LaMetta Wynn.” –Dust Cover, Front flap.

Outside in: African-American History in Iowa, 1838-2000. (2001). United States: State Historical Society of Iowa.

The authors and editors and all Iowans are also indebted to the many generous individuals, government agencies corporations labor unions foundations, and social organizations that have provided funds to place a copy of the book in every school and library in the state of Iowa these individuals and organizations are listed inside of the front that covers all proceeds from the sales of outside and are to be used by the Iowa historical foundation for the acquisition preservation and promotion of Iowa’s African American history.

If you really cared about African American history being taught in the state of Iowa this book would be taken off of the shelves, dusted off, and cracked open and taught in the schools the book is housed in.