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It is no secret that the mainstream media wanted nothing more than to see President Donald J. Trump lose the 2020 election.

I thought about saying they wanted nothing more than to see Joe Biden win, but in reality, they could not have cared less who won as long as Trump lost.

According to the Media Research Center, a survey of 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states revealed an interesting statistic.

Five percent of Biden voters said they were unaware of ALL eight of these issues:

*Biden sex assault allegations
*Hunter Biden scandal
*Kamala Harris being the most leftist Senator
*33.1 percent economic growth
*Trump created 11.1 million jobs
*Middle East peace deals
*U.S. Energy Independence
*Operation Warp Speed

Five percent of Biden voters in swing states said they were unaware of every single one of those issues.

We know how negative the press treated Trump the past four years. But a whopping 45.1 percent of Biden voters said they were unaware of the Hunter Biden scandal.

This is unbelievable. That’s nearly half of Biden voters who had no idea how corrupt the Biden family is and how much they have profited due to putting America’s interest second to other nations.

Had the voters known, 9.4 percent said they would have shifted away from Biden.

Biden’s sex assault allegations were a secret to more than one-third of his voters. Had they known, 8.9 percent said they would’ve shifted their vote.

By the way, every Trump positive would’ve yielded somewhere between 5 and 5.8 percent in voters shifting away from Biden. (I point that out to tell you why negative campaigning works).

I don’t know how more than half of Biden voters were unaware of the U.S. being energy independent. Have they not gotten gas at all the last couple of years? Why did they think gas was so cheap?

Nearly half didn’t know about the 33.1 percent economic growth, but economic numbers aren’t sexy to many people.

The other Trump positive that should’ve been more well known was the Middle East peace deals. An accomplishment that would’ve put a liberal President on the Nobel Peace Prize finalist list every year for the rest of their life, 43.5 percent of Biden voters were unaware.

And finally, Operation Warp Speed — the effort to come up with treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19 (you know, this virus causing a worldwide pandemic) — was meaningless to 36.1 percent of Biden voters.

In all, a total of 17 percent of Biden’s voters said they would’ve changed their vote had they been aware of one or more of these stories.

Trump would’ve cleaned house in the Electoral College, winning 311-227.

So it isn’t just that the media constantly bashed President Trump over and over and over and over for the last four years. They also hid some of the most key stories leading up to the election.

Now, while much of the blame can be put squarely on the media, I also have to point out that there are more avenues than ever for people to get the news. And Americans must do a better job of finding multiple news outlets they can trust to present sides fairly. Many Americans probably don’t want to know about these stories either. They’re too busy.

But the crazy thing is, these numbers came in the midst of a freaking pandemic in which you’d think voters would be more informed because they had more free time than ever before to educate themselves on the election.

The media covered for Biden, simple as that. They had a rooting interest in the election and they did everything they could to ensure a Trump setback.

In the present, the media is the winner. But moving forward, our country is the loser, not Trump.

This wasn’t a free, fair and honest election. There was plenty of election interference ran by the mainstream media.

The media failed to do its job and it willingly refused to present need-to-know facts. It is guilty of media malpractice. A doctor who performed so poorly in surgery would be sued.

We cannot rely on the media to help create informed masses, so we have to figure out ways to inform the masses ourselves.

That’s why The Iowa Standard exists, and we hope you recognize that.

Author: Jacob Hall