Media promotes mostly peaceful protests, criticizes Trump peace deal

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The American media should be ashamed for its coverage of the peace deal recently orchestrated by President Donald J. Trump.

Should be.

But it is the American media after all.

Keep in mind this is the same American media that, for months, has worked to convince Americans that the Black Lives Matter riots have been “mostly peaceful” while businesses and cities burn in the background.

Yet when President Trump needled historic peace deals between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the media failed to muster much positive energy about the agreement.

“Broader Middle East peace is still an elusive goal.”

“It is not Middle East peace.”

“It’s more of a business deal than a peace accord. The three countries are not engaged in an armed conflict.”

“President Trump proclaiming this a peace agreement, but the countries were not at war.”

CNN focused on the fact “hundreds” of people gathered with little social distancing and optional masks.

Watch the incredible segment from The Five.

It is impossible to envision the media treating some sort of peace agreement ironed out by a Democrat administration in the same way.

There is no shortage of liberal media hypocrisy. But, if you’ve already watched The Five’s coverage of the peace deal news reports, what’s one more clip?

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall