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Lorilei Baker, a mental health professional, launched right into comparing homosexuals to African Americans.

“We are in the middle of black history month,” she said. “Why do we celebrate black history in this country?”

Baker said it’s because it helps minority groups see themselves in history and know the value of their worth.

She added that demonizing and vilifying discussions about even the mention of LGBTQ people is based on “erroneous” fears that discussing LGBTQ people might cause children to question their own gender or sexual identity.

“Talking about something does not make it happen,” she said. “We cannot decrease hatred of people by limiting information and access. The bill is based on the belief being anything other than heterosexual, cisgender is somehow inherently wrong or immoral.”

She finished by accusing the state government of wanting to prevent discussion of who LGBTQ students are. That state government wants to criminalize their identity and erase their existence.

“Bills like this tell you your government believes you are unworthy, your very existence is unwanted and unwelcomed in this world,” Baker said.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall