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A MercyOne employee agreed to talk with The Iowa Standard during Friday’s protest against the company’s vaccine mandate for its employees. They told us those health care workers who are facing termination for not receiving a COVID vaccine are the same health care workers who “selflessly” took care of the Des Moines metro area during 2020.

“When everybody was running away from the COVID fire in 2020, we were running towards it,” they said. “We are not rebels. All we’re saying is we want to be able to dictate what goes into our bodies. And, where there is risk, there must be choice.”

Not only does the mandate weigh on individuals, but it has also impacted the work environment.

“It’s divided. It’s colder, distant,” they said. “There are a lot of elephants in the room and the teamwork seems to be more forced than real because everybody is exhausted physically, mentally, spiritually.”

Employees are facing a rapidly approaching deadline where they will essentially have to choose — a shot or termination.

“It doesn’t make you feel like your corporation that you work for, that you sacrifice for, has your back,” they said. “You’re expendable. I don’t care, in any relationship that hurts. But the mere fact that you actually chose to take care of people, you chose to dedicate your life to take care of people, and the corporation that you work under that’s supposed to facilitate that actually hinders that.”

The employee said when they graduated, they never imagined such a choice would present itself.

“Never when I graduated did I think that my career would ever end because of something like this,” they said. “And everything that I was taught — the compassion, the Florence Nightingale Nursing, how you care for the patient, what the core root of hospital care is — I never, never in a million years would’ve thought that they would’ve tossed me aside because I’m trying to protect myself so I can protect others.

“You put on your oxygen mask first and then help other people. What I know about the shot, what I see, I mean how many people here know relatives, family, friends who are having problems with it. And what you see in charts and in patients — I just want to have a choice. If people want to get their shot, then get the shot, but I just want to have a choice on what goes into my body, especially since it can’t be removed.”

They recommend individuals check out VAERS to see what is happening. And they noted not everything — not most things — are even reported to VAERS. They would not discuss what they’ve seen in charts but said they have personally seen heart issues, cognitive function issues, neurological issues and people who are healthy all a sudden have problems with joints and mobility in their own family and friends.

The employee wants a few things — one being the full story told in an effort to provide fully informed consent.

“I hope the censorship stops,” they said. “People are not given the full story and a lot of people are driven by ignorance and fear. And all ignorance is is not understand the full story.”

Another is protection from Gov. Kim Reynolds and Iowa lawmakers.

“I would like honest protection,” they said. “I want to see our basic human rights protected. I just want America to stay on the Constitution. I just want America to respect our rights. I want the government to actually work for the people and not work for any lobbyist or anybody who has ulterior motives. Just the honest truth is all I want and I want it protected.”

They added the private business sector is simply serving as the forerunner for government vaccine mandates.

“If you’re going to blow off the battles in the private business sector, you’re really going to lose the war with the government,” they said. “Private business is just a testing ground. When rights are stolen, rights are stolen.”

Author: Jacob Hall