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During testimony before the Michigan legislature, a woman stated she personally witnessed votes fed in as President Donald J. Trump votes but the machine registered the votes for Joe Biden.

Melissa Carone, another woman, served as a freelance IT worker to service Dominion voting machines on Election Day as well as the following day. She said Nick Ikonomakis, the Dominion VP, was in her building working on something during the election. Carone testified she saw stacks of ballots being run through the machines repeatedly — as many as eight or 10 times — in Detroit.

According to Carone, she served 27 hours and did not see one single Trump ballot.

Others corroborated ballots could indeed be fed repeatedly through the processing system and added they also saw duplicate counting of ballots.

Andrew Sitto said he saw an estimated 40,000 ballots delivered at approximately 4 a.m. on Nov. 4. He said all of these new ballots were Biden ballots.

The Pennsylvania legislature has already introduced a resolution considering the de-certification of the election results. Arizona and Michigan may follow.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall