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Liberty Counsel Action detailed some of the messages it has received from those in the military concerned with the COVID vaccine mandate. Some military members are resigning their commissions while some are facing dishonorable discharge proceedings.

“Our military is being decimated by an unlawful shot mandate,” wrote Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel Action. “And we are being flooded with calls for help. They fought for our freedom. We will fight for them.”

According to LC Action, it takes between $5 and $11 million to train one U.S. military pilot. Andrew, whose name has been changed, is an Air Force officer. He contacted LC Action.

“This worries me on a personal and spiritual level,” Andrew wrote. “I do not want the vaccine and do not agree with the forced mandate or the vaccine in general.”

Andrew has to choose between his career or taking the shot.

“I have a lot to lose,” he said. “Retirement, insurance. I have five kids and a wife; I cannot afford to lose my job. Guide me or show me the tools I need to not take the vaccine.”

He told LC Action that if nothing can be done, he may have to “risk my health for the sake of my family’s security.”

LC Action maintains there is no FDA-approved COVID shot available.

“BioNTech’s Comirnaty is approved but is not available and will not be for some time,” Staver wrote. “All the available shots remain under the EUA, meaning you have the ‘option to accept or refuse.’ This is yet more lawlessness from the Biden administration.”

Carter, another military member whose name was changed, told LC Action “the military is under attack.”

According to Carter, entire battalions are being lined up.

“Vaccinated soldiers are called out of the lineup,” he wrote. “The remaining soldiers are forced onto a bus, driven to a center, injected and told there are no religious exemptions. We are being told that none of our religious exemptions will be approved. They are telling us that putting in a religious exemption is pointless. To me, this means that Freedom of Religion written in our Constitution is also pointless. We need help as our rights are being blatantly stripped from us and thrown in our faces.”

LC Action maintains that members of the military may oppose the shots for these five reasons:

(1) There is no COVID injection available that is fully approved by the FDA.

(2) All existing COVID shots remain under Emergency Use Authorization and thus you have the “option to accept or refuse” the shots.

(3) There has been no presidential declaration waiving the EUA for members of the military.

(4) Even if a presidential waiver is issued or when the Comirnaty version becomes available, members of the military may always raise the First Amendment right to the Free Exercise of Religion and request a religious accommodation.

(5) Military personnel may also assert a medical exemption, if applicable.

With more than 675,591 reported injuries from COVID shots, more than 58,440 hospitalizations, more than 18,439 permanent disabilities and more than 14,506 deaths — military members signed up to risk their lives in war but not to become a human guinea pig for Biden, Staver added.

Author: Jacob Hall