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In perhaps the most troubling testimony of the subcommittee, Debbie Griffin, senior “minister” of Downtown Disciples, blasted the amendment.

“Attempting to deny the right to make personal and life-changing decisions about their own bodies, their own families and their own faith,” she said. “These lawmakers are taking the extreme step of trying to change our Iowa Constitution to reflect their own radical religious beliefs.

“These lawmakers and their radically conservative, religious minority, they are entitled to their faith, and they are entitled to their radical interpretation of Christianity, but they do not represent the view of all Iowans or even all Christians.”

She then gloated of her work to protect the “right” for mothers to kill their unborn children.

“As an ordained minister in the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, I honor and protect the right of Iowans to freedom of religion,” she said. “Jewish and Christians trust in the Scriptures that say God writes God’s law on the hearts of God’s people. That people of faith are called to search their own hearts and their own minds — not to be bullied by radical Christian religious leaders who have forgotten that in Christ we are free.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall