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More than 125 people showed up Saturday on 24 hour’s notice to Stand With President Donald J. Trump and election integrity. Four state legislators addressed those in attendance at the Sioux County Courthouse. The event was organized by Sioux County Conservatives and Rep. Skyler Wheeler. It was hosted by Jacob Hall of The Iowa Standard.com.

The rally opened with prayer, led by Michael De Jong. He and Taylan Seaman delivered a word from the Bible for those in attendance.

“What does Scripture say, regardless of what is happening, who do we put our trust in,” De Jong said. “In the Lord. Regardless of the circumstances, He literally sits above all kingdoms. And it’s going to be OK.”

Seaman said the whole situation goes deeper than politics.

“It’s an attack on the church, which is why I take it very personal,” he said.

He recounted his born-again experience.

“When somebody comes against the church of God, the bride of Christ, I get extremely passionate about it,” Seaman said. “We know that righteousness will always come to the surface. And we don’t like wickedness, we love what God loves and we hate what God hates. But I came here to preach faith into you today. Because if there’s one thing that I know about God, it’s that He’s a prayer-answering God.”

Seaman pointed to Hebrews 11:1, which says that faith is the substance of things hoped for.

“There is still hope in everything that’s happening right now,” Seaman said. “What you’re seeing is a wicked scheme of the devil to dishearten the followers of Christ, to get the church to back down. The same way when COVID happened. There were people who tried to play into that scheme. Keep your heart open, keep the faith and don’t stop praying. Understand that God hears your prayer. When you offer up prayer in faith, He moves.

“This is bigger than a presidency. This is an attack on the church of Jesus Christ. And we’re the only ones standing in-between it. Keep the faith.”

Then the state legislators spoke.

“I am as disgusted and concerned as you are about what’s happening in our country,” said State Rep. Tom Jeneary. “Our nation was founded on the principle of free and fair elections. There should never be the slightest chance of any impropriety in any election. They must be totally transparent. Again, we’re not China or Russia who supposedly have ‘free elections.’ And oh, by the way, where is the Russian collusion in this election?”

Jeneary called for President Trump being allowed to make his case in court after all the votes are counted. He speculated it would end up in the United States Supreme Court.

State Sen. Jim Carlin provided a passionate defense for America’s electoral system and individual freedom.

“We can’t be naïve and foolish enough to believe that this process is not without flaws – that it is not subject to corruption,” said State Sen. Jim Carlin. “It obviously, clearly is. They have created and have now institutionalized fraud. And you know what they do? They criminalize us over policy differences.”

Newly elected State Sen. Jeff Taylor said it looked like President Trump would win nationally.

“And then all of the sudden, everything stopped,” Taylor said. “It started with Arizona. And sad to say, Fox News, which is supposed to be the conservative network, Fox News prematurely calls Arizona for Biden. Even the other networks, all the liberal networks, they don’t do it. I think that was a signal. Then half a dozen other states, all of which had Trump in the lead, suddenly everything stopped. And this is a classic device in electoral fraud. If you’re trying to steal an election, the first thing you need to do is stop the counting of the ballots so you can figure out how many ballots you need to create, to manufacture to steal the election. And that raised a flag for me.”

Taylor noted the media has hated Trump for four years, called Trump an existential threat to our country, called him a traitor, a puppet of Putin, a white supremacist, he’s crazy, he’s Hitler.

“All of this stuff that they’ve been telling us for four years, and I’m thinking, well, what would they not do to prevent his re-election,” Taylor said.

State Rep. Skyler Wheeler shared a story about an election in 2004 in Washington State. He said the Republican had won on election night, but after a recount in Seattle, the Democrat candidate closed the gap. They asked for another recount. Eventually, the Democrat went ahead and Republicans were denied a recount.

“I don’t think it’s hard to ask Joe Biden, who is claiming victory right now, I don’t think it’s hard to come out and say ‘Joe, will you please call for a full transparent counting of these ballots and stop saying to count every ballot, start saying to count every legal ballot because there’s a huge difference,” Wheeler said. “It’s about more than President Trump. You are kidding yourself if you think if they get away with this that this won’t happen every single Presidential election. They will do this over and over again.”

Wheeler said Republican voters will keep in mind what Republicans abandon Trump during this time and what ones do not looking ahead to 2024.

He also asked the crowd to remember to pray.

“I believe the prayers have actually led to a few of these small victories that we’ve seen,” Wheeler said. “I believe there’s millions of patriots around America right now praying, I actually think there’s millions of people around the world right now praying because everybody knows how important this is.”

He also encouraged attendees to contribute to President Trump’s defense fund and not to quit speaking out.

“The Left is going to try to shut you down folks,” Wheeler said. “They’re going to say, ‘Oh, quit talking, this is easy, it’s done with.’”

The Left fought President Trump all the way these last four years, Wheeler said.

“Don’t take their crap, push back on them and say no,” he said. “If Joe Biden won, then why would they fight so hard against transparency and us requesting integrity and us wanting a clean, fair and free election?”

Author: Jacob Hall