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From Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene:

What makes the world go around?

God does, but when it comes to mankind, it’s money.

While the media keeps you fixated on Jan. 6, Covid, and how it’s always Trump’s fault, you might want to ask about these things.

The Biden admin is run by all the same people as the Obama admin.

Marxist for decades, finishing what they started.

Turning America into a full socialist government dependent on the global economy.

Using communist-like tactics.

Making good on those old promises.

In order to understand what happened in the span of 1 week, when Biden pulled out of Afghanistan & Pelosi rammed through the $3.5 T budget which is the Green New Deal, you have to look back in time.

*Remember the GND, forces the US on EV’s which run on lithium batteries.

In 2011, then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, worked on the Silk Road Initiative.

It connects China to many countries & helps them become #1 super power through trade. It also grows the economies of Afghanistan, Pakistan & more enemies to the US.

As a matter of fact, this was a big project that our US government was involved in while they were paid by the American taxpayers.

The Obama/Biden/Clinton government policies are globalism & build the world’s economy on the backs of America’s taxpayers.

While the US military was involved in conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, our gov (US taxpayers) also paid for the geological surveys of in Afghanistan and found over $1 T in rare earth minerals, including lithium, which is needed to make batteries that are needed for EV’s.

During these years, our Gov (US taxpayers) also built the roads & infrastructure to the rare earth mineral mines in Afghanistan.

While you might have gotten a flat tire from those potholes in America, we were paving roads to Afghanistan’s treasures wanted for big plans.

When Hillary first started her America-last push for the Silk Road Initiative, Russia was a key player.

But in 2016, after Hillary lost, China picked up the plan.

Remember she wasn’t supposed to lose.

But Russia and now Iran are set as allies to China.

With the recent 25 year deal made between China and Iran, a trade agreement will be made possible like never before.

With Trump’s America First policies, both of these countries had suffered economically and America was finally becoming great again.

Now that the same globalist power structure is back to running the show in the swamp, the plan is very much underway.

The Silk Road Initiative became the One Belt One Road Initiative.

It’s now part of the Build Back Better World G7 summit agreement, and America-Last.

The Belt and Road Initiative is the centerpiece of Communist China’s economic plan.

Many countries all over the world are financially invested in helping China dominate the world in manufacturing and trade.

The entire world will depend on China for essential supplies.

So while Democrats were trained by the MSM to hate Trump, indoctrinated in Russia Collusion conspiracy lies, and think his tweets were killing people, they were blinded to how good his America First policies were for our entire country.

Every single American.

Now under the Democrats, we are only beginning to feel the deadly effects of an America Last agenda that serves China First.

Biden’s approval numbers have tanked bc of his betrayal to America in Afghanistan withdrawal, the border national security crisis, & rising inflation.

But this just the start.

When Americans fully grasp that Biden didn’t negotiate the mining rights to $1 T of rare earth minerals after we built the Infrastructure and how he left it for China while Pelosi rammed through the GND that will lawfully force every American to EV’s…

…which run on lithium batteries, they will start to see just how horrifically America Last these old communists politicians really are. And they did it at the same time in one week. America does not compete in the battery market. China dominates.

None of this is coincidental.

They have been working for decades to shift America to Socialism without ever firing a bullet.

The pandemic is now providing the perfect cover and is being used as a political weapon to control people in order to finish the shift.

America must not let herself be swept up into the global economy.

America must hold onto her freedoms.

Freedoms that are for every identity and every American.

#ImpeachBiden and keep going down the list.

Republicans in the House must fight harder in order to stop it.