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I ran for Congress because I was fed up with all the failures I saw from my own government and at times by the very party I voted for.

While we paid all of our taxes, obeyed the laws they made, raised our kids to know right from wrong, and said the pledge and prayers for America. They intentionally & some unintentionally ran us into unpayable debt, flagrantly stopped caring about our laws like our border and immigration laws, have adopted policies and are pushing immoral and unethical and dangerous beliefs that are polluting our children’s minds & souls.

And many have completely forgotten what the pledge of allegiance even means. They don’t understand we are a Republic. They don’t see us as one nation. They have turned their back on God. Indivisible? They purposely divide us everyday by every identity they can make up.

Liberty. What liberty? In America today, we are no longer free from oppressive control from our government. Ask any child that was or is forced to needlessly wear a mask to school for the past two years and told they have no choice. They no longer protect our liberty.

And justice for all? Try telling that to any J6 defendant, who is being persecuted as political prisoners of war for far less than Antifa or funded BLM rioters, who most were let off. J6 was 1 single day. Antifa & BLM riots were for years. Then ask my colleagues if they care.

They divide us apart every single day by identity instead of recognizing we are one nation and working together is best for all. And the same ones who cry Racism also ignore a civil war in Ethiopia and innocent black lives killed and enslaved.

They don’t care about black lives. They care about select black lives when it serves their political goals. If they cared about black lives they would end abortion that is a silent genocide among black Americans and would stop the daily black on black killings in Chicago.

And don’t ever talk to me about Equality again until biological women’s rights and privacy are protected. Turning your head, allowing, and championing the cancellation of real biological women and their right to compete in their own sports by biological men is NOT equality.

But even worse is repeating the same decisions when it comes to biological girls bathrooms, camp cabins, dorm rooms, and biological women’s rape clinics, prisons, and healthcare. If you supposedly care so much then actually care about real biological girls and women too.

And the same supposedly smart and caring leaders and talking heads on TV, claiming they care about businesses are the same people who decided it would be a good idea to just hand out a never ending stream of money and pay people to stay home. Because that somehow helps.

The reality is that most of the “experts” in elite think tanks & elected officials with the power of voting for legislation that has real life consequences for people struggling to keep their businesses open & thriving have NEVER actually run a business.

Now these “experts” have broken our economy. Paying people to stay home means they don’t want to go back to work, even with higher wages & incentive packages. Pumping TRILLIONS into the system actually caused inflation & stagflation. And no a New World Order isn’t the answer.

These same “experts” and talking heads on tv, all claim they care about Ukraine’s democracy, Ukraine’s borders, and Ukrainian’s right to defend themselves. Yet none of them care about the daily deadly invasion happening every day on our border and the devastating consequences.

But these same “experts” that think they are far more intelligent than us, who preach to us about getting vaxxed and boosted and masking in order to care for others and everyone’s health don’t want the truth about the origin of the virus and the funding revealed.

No they would rather continue to sit around & eat whatever they want, ignore real science about exercise and healthy eating and prevention of disease, and take away everyone’s freedom in the name of Science. I’m still not vaxxed and I’m amazingly still alive. So are most.

The biggest problem we have in our government isn’t necessarily the elected leaders, but really the federal employees that never ever lose an election but continue to hold very important decision-making positions. No matter what party is in control.

Just like the management level of major corporations are the ones responsible for forcing Woke Marxism on employees and ultimately onto customers, so are the federal employees continuing our country on a path to global dependency and ultimately destruction.

Just like everyone should do a deep cleaning at least once a year where you throw out all the trash and unused items and scrub all the grime away. We need to do that in all of our federal agencies and rid them of the people who think they know better, yet are hurting us all.

We also need to urge peace in Ukraine & not pursue the same old ways of arrogant regime change that the US has been involved in for decades. Bossing others around doesn’t lead to good relationships. The world’s largest countries are tired of it & are joining together against us.


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