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Karl Rove is, once again, beating the war drums. He is ready to send 18-year-olds like my son to fight nuclear Russia over Ukraine’s border so that he and the other neocons can talk like tough guys on TV. On Jan. 28, Karl Rove shared an article on his Twitter page written by Noah Rothman attacking American populists who are opposed to sending our troops to war with Russia.

My view is that Mr. Rove despises “America First.” He loves war and the global economy that all these wars prop up.


And my direct response to that: Screw Karl Rove.

The fact that he wants to send 18-year-old Americans like my son to fight nuclear Russia over Ukraine’s border — again, so he can talk like a tough guy on TV — makes me sick. He can put on the uniform and go fight the Russians himself.

Mr. Rove is part of the consultant class that is never held responsible for the failed product of their decisions. It is only the American people who suffer the consequences.

These are the same type of consultants that were never elected but scheme behind the scenes, getting paid millions of dollars by special interests, getting politicians elected who will do the bidding of the globalists and woke corporate communists.

And Americans are the ones who suffer.

Mr. Rove is the architect of the failed Republican strategy that promoted never-ending wars, gave us former President Barack Obama, sold Americans out to China and gave rise to the globalist Uniparty that buried us with $30 trillion in debt. Yet he thinks you and I are the problem.

Yet that could not be further from the truth.

The Republican base increasingly understands that the consultant class like Mr. Rove and the “Republicans” he supports, who pretend to support “America First” (just enough to disguise who they truly are) but vote like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are the ones who are actually out of touch.

Americans today demand a strong Republican Party that protects our border, ends sanctuary cities, builds a wall and stops the illegal drugs coming across our border that are killing our people.

There is a literal invasion of our border under President Biden today. Yet there are currently only 19,000 Border Patrol agents. New York City, meanwhile, has 35,000 police officers. Just put that into perspective.

Americans want our Border Patrol to have reinforcements and an immigration moratorium to give time to clean up the globalists’ immigration failures.

Instead, the globalists have ripped our southern border wide open, and are flying illegal immigrants in the dead of night — paid for by American tax dollars — to flood cities and towns across the country that never asked for the surge of illegals in their communities and cannot handle them.

Americans are demanding a Republican Party that ends mandates, stops communist union bosses’ chokehold on labor to free up our economy and fights to bring American jobs back home with well-paying wages.

Instead, the globalists serve foreign governments and woke corporation’s profit margins ahead of the American people and the American economy.

Americans are demanding a Republican Party that strips the regulations out of agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration that are strangling American companies and make it impossible to make goods in the U.S.

Instead, the globalists continue to pass more laws and regulations that make it impossible to manufacture American products right here at home.

Americans are sick and tired of racist identity politics, destruction of traditional family values, a biased media that act as the propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, political correctness, Big Tech censorship, and being lectured by the consultant class who serve their clients’ interest instead of Americans’ interests.

Americans are demanding a Republican Party that is capable of policy and real action that creates an American Revival and frees the American spirit from the globalist Uniparty that has shackled America and brought us to our knees.

American populism is about digging America out of the grave that the globalists and their consultant class have buried us in.

But no, Mr. Rove and his corporate globalists bankrupted a Republican Party that has failed its voters and morphed with the Democrats into the Uniparty that is the very monster our Founders warned us about. And today he is filthy rich for selling out America.

And for that, screw Karl Rove.

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