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Pastor Ken Peters, who leads The Church At Planned Parenthood, responded to an injunction filed against TCAPP by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“Planned Parenthood and the Left, they’re shameless liars. They literally lie, like totally lie,” Peters said.

Planned Parenthood accuses TCAPP of being a “loud mob of angry protesters.”

“I promise you, we’re not angry — we’re not a mob, we’re not throwing anything,” Peters said. “Downtown Spokane looks like a war zone. There’s graffiti everywhere, windows are boarded up because of crazy rioters — but hey, ‘let’s get the little sound meter and see if the singing Christians are seeing too loud.’ This is the kind of insanity we’re living in.”

Planned Parenthood, Peters said, is afraid of praying, singing Christians.

“We’ve lost our mind in this state,” he said.

Planned Parenthood said TCAPP has terrorized staff and patients long enough.

“The negative health effects of excessive noise on patients in a healthcare setting — by the way keep in mind, they are closed. Six o’clock is when they close. We start our service at six o’clock. They are not even open. They are such liars. The devil is a deceiver. The devil is a liar.”

Planned Parenthood said the health effects of loud noise — in this case singing — poses health problems, which includes psychiatric symptoms.

“You know what, the only psychiatric symptoms patients at Planned Parenthood are going to have is because they’re killing their children,” Peters said. “And that scars mothers later on. Cause later on, when they’re 30 and they’re 40 and hopefully, they get a brain when they’re past their teenage years, maybe when they get to be 30 or 40 and maybe they found the Lord, they are going to be scared with psychiatric problems. But singing, singing does not cause psychiatric problems. And that’s what Planned Parenthood is accusing us of doing.”

Peters said singing doesn’t cause psychiatric problems, but abortion does.

“When you stick stuff in the womb and destroy the life of God, the life that God put int he womb — that beautiful creation, the greatest miracle of all, more beautiful than Mt. Rainier, when you stick stuff in there and dismember it or stab it or poison it — that causes psychiatrist problems, you crazy Planned Parenthood baby butchers,” Peters said.

Planned Parenthood called TCAPP bullies who are trying to take away care from young women, men, the LGBTQ community and black and indigenous people of color in Spokane.

“What a nut case,” Peters said. “The singing Christians are the bullies? No. Mr. Karl Eastland, you run an organization that kills life for money. That’s what you do. You stick things inside of human beings and you kill the little human beings inside of human beings and you make money per death. You are the bully, Mr. Karl Eastland.”

Peters said the group isn’t messing with anyone, harassing anyone from Planned Parenthood or stopping any women from going in and out.

“TCAPP is not doing anything but worshipping God. And you know what, every church should be out ther.e Every church. If we believe that the unborn child is the same as a 5-year old — I say this all the time — what would the church be doing if they were killing 5-year olds? Would we be voting Republican every two years, or would we be doing more?

“We would be doing more. We would be out there at PP and we would be doing whatever we could to save the lives. The church of Jesus needs to change its theology and make the unborn lesser than a 5-year old or we need to live like the unborn child is the same as a 5-year old. We need to change our doctrinal statement, or start living what we say we believe.”

Peters said TCAPP will battle the injunction.

You can watch videos from The Church At Planned Parenthood and decide for yourself how dangerous the group is.

Author: Jacob Hall