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From the PITT Substack:

My son announced that he was transgender at the age of 19. Today, he is 25.

Like so many others have said about their sons, there were no indications of this his entire years growing up.  So, how did this come about?

In retrospect, his last year of high school was not good. He had always struggled socially and did not seem to be maturing at the same rate as his contemporaries. He was on the internet constantly, and obsessed with Anime, cosplay and role-playing in addition to a lot of comic-style pornography.  

When he went off to college and took an LGBTQ course to fulfill a graduation requirement.  Unbeknownst to his family, at the time he was suffering from major depression and homesickness, being away from home for the first time. He also became involved with a group of girls with significant mental health challenges, suicide attempts, and family traumas.  This group began attending meetings at a local Gender Clinic.  After ONE ‘therapy’ session at the Gender Clinic with an intern therapist from the local college (her day job was a postal worker), he was given hormone medication directly from the clinic. Very soon after came his announcement about being transgender, he went on to claim that he was also polyamorous, pansexual and asexual.  

My son eventually quit college and moved to another very progressive state. He rarely communicates with family.  He has not held a job for nearly six years and lives off of public assistance and the generosity of others—and has mainly virtual relationships. From the little bit of communication we have, he is still on hormones and spends most of his time online with virtually no human-to-human contact.  He has admitted that he believes he has a mental illness.  Before he left the state, we tried in vain to get him some quality mental health treatment, but as you know, this is a nearly impossible task given the rush to affirm.

That’s our story.  It has been the heartbreak of my family’s life.  We strongly support the need to step back from the direction of the WPATH guidelines and the pressure placed on the American Academy of Pediatrics to go along with this madness and malpractice.  I cannot imagine having to endure this with a very young minor child!

These children need mental health assessments first and foremost, not harmful, life altering medical intervention that is truly being ‘tested’ on them.


  1. This is so sad. How many of these people will regret these decisions later? How many will face lifelong health problems from taking hormones and having radical surgeries? I would not be surprised to see many develop cancers from all the meds they take. All for something that is a complete fantasy. Transgender does not exist. I imagine most are homosexual and do not want to admit it.


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