My View? Whoopi is a hypocrite, Behar is another example of mental health crisis in country and The View is trash

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Whoopi Goldberg led the ladies of The View in celebration on Monday as they celebrated Joe Biden’s alleged victory in the 2020 Presidential Election. The hypocrisy was thick throughout the 12-minute segment.

Whoopi started the segment singing and dancing, along with two of the other hosts.

“What’s really remarkable for me is in two months I’ll be able to say the next President’s name out loud, Joe Biden,” she said.

She then did the intro for a highlight package of Biden’s celebratory speech.

“Here’s what they said when they took to the stage to do something you-know-who never could — rally the country,” she said.

After the highlights, Whoopi launched into an extraordinarily hypocritical line of dialogue.

“Now I want to bring something up right now, I want to say to all those people who don’t believe that Americans actually got out and voted, let me say this to you — when you-know-who was elected four years ago, Hillary Clinton didn’t say ‘Hey wait a minute, this doesn’t feel right. Stop the count.’ She didn’t say, ‘this isn’t right, I’m not going…’ She didn’t say any of that. So all of you, suck it up. Suck it up like we sucked it up. And if you’re not sure that your comfortable with Joe Biden, do what we did. Find things and then take it to the law. And if the law says it’s something to look at, look at it. But from now on, suck it up. Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself. Cause this is ridiculous, you not sure that he won. Are you bringing into question all these Americans who voted, legally, came out and stood and voted? How dare you question it,” Whoopi said.

Now let’s look at this and the obvious irony Whoopi appears to be oblivious to. She tells Trump supporters to “suck it up” and “grow the pair.”

Whoopi notes that in four years, she has not uttered President Donald J. Trump’s name. Heck, in this segment, she has said “you-know-who” at least twice.

And she’s asking Trump supporters to “suck it up” and to “grow a pair?”

Joy Behar quickly put to rest any concerns Americans may have about voter fraud.

“If we were going to cheat, or if there was going to be any kind of fraud, why not do it in the Senate also, why just the Presidency,” she said. “Might as well take the whole enchilada. So they’re completely illogical right there.”

Then she congratulated Whoopi for never mentioning President Trump’s name once.

“I think you should get an Emmy for the best nonspoken word,” Behar said. “Or a Grammy, rather. Actually, it’s a Grammy.”

Behar then said, “truth, justice and the American way” are back.

“Just picture in your mind what it could’ve been if he had won. It would’ve been the end of this country. It would’ve been the end of this country. It would’ve been the end of democracy. And I am not exaggerating. I am not exaggerating. I believe in truth. He started out lying and he would just continue for another four years. We’d never get out of this COVID disaster that we’re in. We’ll never have scientists if he were here. So please everybody, take a breath and say thank you America for saving our country.”

Yes, if President Trump would’ve won four more years, Joy Behar said we’d never have scientists.

Yes, Joy Behar said that if the guy who wants grown men to use the bathroom stall next to a little girl would’ve lost, it would’ve been the end of our country.

Joy Behar is yet another example of the mental health crisis in America.

Sara Haines tried to be nice and tried to make good points, but her attempt at civility was lost by the rest of her colleagues being mental midgets.

She talked about suffering through Hillary’s loss in 2016 and waiting for President Trump to say he’d be President for all.

“(Biden) didn’t spike the ball in the end zone,” Haines said.

No, The View ladies had that part under control.

Haines glowingly covered Biden’s message of unity — all while her co-hosts showed zero interest in unity.

“Unlike what we got in losing in 2016, people that voted for President Trump are getting a unifying message that says he’s going to do his best, Kamala’s going to do their best, they’re going to represent you too,” Haines said. “They want to bring everyone together. And that’s not something we got in 2016.”

Whoopi agreed with that assessment from Haines. But quickly abandoned any sort of “unity” the Haines claimed to desire.

Whoopi said she had no idea how enraged she had been the last four years.

“When I started crying, that’s when I knew,” she said. “And I want to tell you, foreign leaders were elated, they know this means a return to U.S. leadership. You-know-who has become a crybaby. The crybaby in wah-wah chief. It didn’t go our way, Hillary did not whine. Hillary did not cry. She did not say we need a recount. She said, ‘OK, you won fair and square.’ Even when we knew the Russians had been in there. She did not say, ‘well I should be President.’ She did what you’re supposed to do. If you don’t win, then you say OK and you fight harder next time, which is what happened.”

Whoopi said this situation isn’t similar to the 2000 election at all because the difference in 2000 was 500 votes in one state.

“When I hear the Republicans saying, you know we have to recount — listen, suck it up. Suck it up. This is the United States of America. When our guys win, we gotta suck it up. When your guys win, we gotta suck — we each have to do what we have to do, that’s the American way. So lets at least try to be respectful. Cause if you’re not going to respect the fact that all these people came out and voted, you are basically saying you don’t care about the American democracy. That’s what you’re saying.”

Yes, because referring to President Trump as “you-know-who” and “wah-wah-in-chief” smacks of being “respectful.” And trying the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax, the Kavanaugh smears, the sham impeachment hearings to disrupt President Donald J. Trump’s agenda, that’s not exactly called “sucking it up.”

There isn’t much great about this segment of The View. But it is a great example of why America will never experience the unity these “ladies” wish for our country.


Author: Jacob Hall