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If there is one thing that has become abundantly clear in the last 10 years or so, it is that there are two Americas. The divisions have never been sharper in the lifetimes of modern Americans. Not in this country. No way.

And the “controversy” surrounding race announcer Lon Oelke and his “social service” message delivered at Algona’s Kossuth County Speedway make it abundantly clear.


Here is what Oelke reportedly said:

“If you won’t stand for our flag, if you’re gonna take a knee, if you’re gonna feel you have rights — you have the right to remain silent for most of the time — But I got four words for you: Find a different country, if you won’t do it. Get the hell out of Dodge. A lot of people have sacrificed many things in their lives for us to be able to do these liberties. And if you feel that’s all right, well, I don’t know. You just don’t have a right.

“I’ve heard about all the stuff going on in the NFL, and now they’re going to have another national anthem for those folks. For the — I guess — darker-toned skin color … I’ll just say blacks. They want a different national anthem and the NFL is thinking about doing it. So I say shut the TVs off and let them play in front of nobody. Yes! That’s my announcement.”

Now, is that how you or I would choose to say everything he said? Not necessarily. But he’s an announcer. He’s not reading off a script. He’s simply sharing his thoughts with race fans. And he’s entitled to do that.

Whether we would choose the same words as Lon or not is irrelevant. It is not Lon’s word usage that the national media, woke mob and political Leftists are attacking — it’s his message.

When considering context — i.e. putting the two paragraphs together — there is nothing racial about what he is saying. In context, he is discussing his views on the National Anthem and the American flag. That’s what just about everyone who was at the Fairmont Raceway likely hears or reads when they hear or read that statement.

But to the national media, woke mob and political Leftists it was racist. Why?

Because to them, just about everything is about race. Why?

Because the only way to fundamentally transform America is to stir up enough division and ignite enough hatred of the country and those who love the country.

And, if we’re to take former President Barack Obama at his word, that was his goal — fundamentally transform America.

When Oelke used the term “blacks” it is likely he used it because he was talking about the so-called “black national anthem.” Again, this is all in the context of the folks who want to protest the National Anthem and the American flag. That seemed to be the takeaway from the people I talked with Friday night at Fairmont Raceway.

It isn’t just Lon they’re attacking — it is his racing family. And yes, every person I talked to Friday night said it is a “family.”

And let’s be honest, it is easy for the national media, woke mob and political Leftists to hear or read Lon’s words and immediately claim “racist” because they simply don’t think like Lon or know anybody else who thinks like Lon. It’s foreign to them. It’s a concept they cannot grasp. This love of country and respect for the flag and honor for the men and women who have fought and died over the decades to preserve America’s freedoms.

They look at the history of America and focus on whatever flaws they find.

Race fans are patriots. They’re old school. They believe in standing for the flag, saying a public prayer and showing pride for the red, white and blue.

The only thing racial I can find in Lon’s comments is the use of the word “blacks.” And, while that may or may not be the word you would’ve used in that situation, it’s the word I’ve heard many people from that era use — including Democrat Bruce Hunter.

Is Hunter a racist too? 

To race fans, to me, to patriots, Lon was simply quoting “The Fightin’ Side of Me” by Merle Haggard. It was his way of saying “if you don’t love it, leave it.”

But to the Left, it is racist because it has to be racist. Just about everything anymore is about race because they need it to be. Nothing stokes division and conflict quite like race does it seems.

Consider how the woke mob is responding. Just check these out:

“We’re still gonna bully him and everyone involved with Fairmont Raceway.”

Ah, the tolerance of the Left is on full display. Remember when the Left was on their anti-bullying crusade.

That was then, this is now.

Critical Race Theory is being used in schools to teach kids to hate their country. How will kids who are unfortunate enough to attend schools that use this garbage in classrooms co-exist with kids who grow up loving their country, respecting their flag and honoring their veterans?

Answer: They won’t. 

And that is exactly what the national media, woke mob and political Leftists want. Because their chance to “fundamentally transform” America is reliant on Americans believing the country needs to be fundamentally transformed.

These folks are playing for keeps. They’re serious. They are intentional in their pursuit of a fundamentally transformed United States of America.

This is just one more example of that.

Lon’s message isn’t that complex. It’s actually quite simple. America doesn’t need a black national anthem. It doesn’t need a yellow national anthem, a white one, a brown one, a purple one or even a lavender one.

We have a National Anthem that represents all Americans — The Star-Spangled Banner. We have a flag that represents all Americans.

Those who hate the country — white people, black people and everyone in between — aren’t forced to stay here. If America is so bad, so unjust, so racist, there are hundreds of other countries to choose from.

Yet even those who hate America stay here. They refuse to leave.

Weird how that works.

Maybe, just maybe, America isn’t so bad after all.

Author: Jacob Hall


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