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A person called Andy Kopsa on Twitter has suddenly developed a real disdain for The Iowa Standard. Kopsa refers to herself as an “Iowa farm kid now NYer words: NYTimes, FP, Atlantic, Cosmo, Al Jazeera, Guardian, Playboy, etc. My tweets = gospel.”

Kopsa retweeted an article The Iowa Standard published on Jan. 17 asking an honest question — why were the People not allowed inside the People’s House (U.S. Capitol) on Jan. 6? Or for that matter — at all during the COVID pandemic. It’s a question we still ask to this day.

When the members of Congress (who work for the People) are in the Capitol (owned by the People) doing the work of the People, shouldn’t the people be allowed to be present?

Again, there are of course rules of decorum for how people must act once inside the Capitol, but why were the People ever kept out of the Capitol? It should not have been that way.

Anyway, this innocent question prompted Kopsa to retweet the article and tag the Omaha FBI and Kansas City FBI.

Also, Kopsa said The Iowa Standard is not a news organization but an “organizing instrument.”

“I want to remind everyone how social media helped facilitate the horrific events of January 6th,” she wrote — again tagging the Omaha FBI and Kansas City FBI.

Andy is supposed to be a journalist. Yet she clearly hates the idea of free speech. She would likely pretend to embrace tolerance publicly, yet she refuses to tolerate something she does not agree with.

As an “award-winning investigative journalist,” one would think she would have a bit more respect for the First Amendment — you know, freedom of the press.

Yet she would rather attempt to shut down opposing viewpoints. She even requested her friends at Twitter review The Iowa Standard as a website that spreads disinformation and personally targets people with “direct personal attacks.”

As much as we disagree, Andy, I would not go on some sort of censorship crusade against you. Why do you do it to people you don’t agree with?

Just write what you want to write. Take the side you want to take. Do your work. Win people over.

If we are so wrong, why are you so worried?

Author: Jacob Hall