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This newsletter is dedicated to the lives of those that have been injured/killed by vaccines. Many have no idea of the long list of risks associated with vaccines until it’s too late. True informed consent is knowing all the benefits AND all the risks. Then making your decision without coercion, force, or manipulation.

Unfortunately many families are gaslit or the injury is downplayed and a VAERS report is never filed. Or worse yet, some health care workers don’t even know what VAERS is. We will never know the true extent to which vaccines are harming the population when the reactions are being vastly underreported.

It’s estimated less than 1% of vaccine reactions are reported. (Per the Lazarus Report.)

Vaccine reactions are not rare, just rarely reported.

It’s horrifying to think of all the families that are suffering from a corrupt vaccine industry that has no liability.

Their stories matter, their lives matter.

We’ve compiled some Iowa VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) reports on the COVID vaccines and those are shared below. This is only a fraction of what’s occurring.

Forward this email along to anyone (friends, family, legislators)  that think vaccine injuries aren’t happening from the COVID vaccines.

No matter where you stand on this issue – no to all of the vaccines, yes to all of the vaccines, or somewhere in the middle – the important thing to stand together on is NO MANDATES. There must be choice. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

We’ve seen the age get lowered and lowered for the COVID19 vaccine and they won’t stop. If you look through these reports, notice the age range. The vaccine doesn’t discriminate, old and young are being injured.

It may be hard or uncomfortable to read these, but think of the families having to endure this. Were they given informed consent? Are they being supported now that their world has been rocked?

The time is now to STAND – for our families, for our country, for humanity.

To the families suffering through a vaccine injury tragedy – we see you, we believe you and we are here for you.

True informed consent would be knowing that the manufacturer is not liable for any damages from a vaccine. The one administering the vaccine is not liable. The workplace/school mandating the vaccine is not liable. How many families would have still consented if they knew this vital information?

Use your voice, even if it shakes, and share with your friends and family that vaccine injury is real + vaccine manufacturers are not liable!


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