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Governor DeWine:

We the undersigned do hereby proclaim and speak to you personally the following:
Whereas, God is the sole Creator of the earth and man, being made directly in His
image, is the apex of His creation; and

Whereas, God is the ultimate and highest authority, and His laws are the highest laws;

Whereas, the Constitution of the state of Ohio and the Constitution of the United
States recognize the right of the people to assemble peaceably with no abridgment
whenever and wherever they choose; and

Whereas, the Governor has no constitutional authority to decree law to the rightful
citizens of Ohio; and

Whereas, Pastors are commissioned to preach the whole counsel of God’s Word and
to be a conscience to a wicked world that is often ruled by tyrants;

Now therefore, we, ministers of the gospel, by the power and authority vested in us
by God Almighty, ORDER and DIRECT the following:

That you, Governor Mike DeWine, retract your unconstitutional and oppressive
proclamations, mandates, and orders that seek to require the citizens of Ohio to cover
the image of God by covering their personal identity with a mask and the mandates
and orders that abridge the citizens of Ohio from exercising their God-given right to
peaceably assemble whenever and wherever they choose. We recognize and uphold
the Governor’s right to strongly recommend actions be taken in the interest of public
safety as the extent of your constitutional authority.

Furthermore, we ORDER and DIRECT that the Ohio Legislature convenes with the
express purpose to fulfill their legislative duty by ending the unlawful proclamations,
mandates, and orders issued by you Governor DeWine, or by your health department.
We also call upon the Ohio Legislature to fulfill their oath to uphold the Constitution
of Ohio by checking the tyrannical powers that have been exercised by the executive

Further, we resolve: To defy your unlawful decrees and to direct our churchmen to
ignore your unauthoritative proclamations, mandates, and orders by teaching that
rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.

Thus, may our Heavenly Father rule and His laws be obeyed.

Pastor Mike Spaulding
Pastor Dane Gilmore
Pastor Niel Petersen
Pastor Nathan Branim
Pastor Jeff Gipe
Pastor Lorene Ernst
Pastor Josette Allen
Pastor Jim Webb

Copy to:

Senator Matt Huffman, President of the Ohio Senate
Representative Bob Cupp, Speaker of the Ohio House

Proclaimed this day of our LORD, November 19, 2020.