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I believe any attempt by the federal or state government to implement forced vaccinations in the United States of America is a call to arms of a well-regulated citizen militia under the God-granted right to self-defense protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

I just called the governor of Iowa to tell her that exact thing. Tomorrow, she will be pressured by the United States Surgeon General under the direction of President Donald Trump to bring forced-masking mandates against the citizenry of this great state.

Would you join me by calling her and leaving the same message of opposition to this error in Christian solidarity? You may do so at 515-281-5211.

My strong advice to her is to resist the temptation to listen to the foolish instructions that are being foisted upon us from on-high.

I believe it may be necessary for men to take up arms and defend their lives and their families against dangerous and deadly tyranny someday, if this occurs.

Forced-masking is a precursor to forced-vaccinations.

An ounce of deductive reasoning would be so welcomed right now. A state that can force-mask you is a state that can force-vaccinate you. A state that can force-vaccinate you is the state that can force you to remove a mask…or could force you to NOT get a vaccination, or to do any number of other things with your body that you believe are evil. What I have just described is pure tyranny. It is NOT freedom.

We live in a turbulent time of politics when extreme opposition from the left and the right take turns at the helm of the ship that is America. The only thing that remains constant in America is the proclivity of both sides to be majoritarian statists. That means that the person who is a die-hard advocate of the importance of immunizations unwittingly empowers the state to force immunizations upon those who oppose them, not realizing that when the other party gets in power later, they may use the same majoritarian power of government to deny immunizations!

Another irony, of course, is the sheer hypocrisy of the statist worldview which continually regurgitates “my body my choice” are some of the very ones who are most aggressively promoting this dangerous, deadly nonsense.

As world history has taught countless nations, you can either listen to peaceful words (like those I’m offering right now in a polite and harmless expression of my free speech rights) or you may someday listen to the bullets of other citizens defending themselves from you… Why? How? You may ask. Because you threatened their families (or they perceived you to be a real threat) with what they thought could be poisonous injections that could injure or even kill their loved ones.

Statists very often believe that they are Christians, but they are very often not real Christians. They are cosmic humanists who truly worship the inerrancy of modern medicine, or a political party, or a popular vote.

In this case, it is as though they think doctors are infallible and divine. It is as though they think current knowledge of medicine (despite glaring weaknesses, like its failure to cure the common cold) is as dependable, (or even more dependable) as the Holy Scriptures themselves.

These persons deny the sufficiency of Scripture by declaring the sufficiency of a contrary belief that lifts itself up AGAINST the counsel of Scripture.

Example: the Divine Law only authorizes civil authorities to quarantine the symptomatic and sick. Meanwhile, in America, we have been quarantining the asymptomatic and those who don’t have any illness.

You can only choose to believe one of these two lawgivers as sufficient for living life, under God. You can’t agree with both and be taken seriously. If you are in favor of quarantining those who are not symptomatic you’re in defiance to the law of God and you have declared you do not believe the scriptures are sufficient on this matter. You have in fact displayed publicly that, in this particular area of thinking, you are more of a cosmic humanist than you are a true Christian. You have declared that human knowledge is superior to Divine knowledge.

I do not. I will not.

That is why I have been opposed to the quarantining of the asymptomatic from the very beginning. Under any modicum of an originalist view of the intent of our founders, I enjoy knowing that I have the highest law of our land (the Constitution) to backup my biblical view on this matter.

But I also acknowledge that I am unfortunately living in a time when the average American citizen has no appreciation whatsoever of the originalist view of our founding fathers alongside complete illiteracy in the Divine Law.

It is a strange and dangerous religion these cosmic humanists practice. Those of you who practice this false religion need to understand that if you force your humanist religion upon the rest of us (who do not share your confidence in the inerrancy of the state) we will be forced to defend ourselves from your violent threats.

You see, if you pose a threat to the health and fitness of someone’s children or loved ones, what is it that you expect others to do?

Very few leaders wish to discuss this topic, but it needs to be discussed. Hopefully and prayerfully, by pondering the possibility of another civil war, the bullets of self-defense can be avoided…by curtailing the abuses of the would-be limitless state.

If enough of us are able to set aside irrational, emotion-based, subjective twists of American law and buffet-style plucking of the Scriptures to justify statism, then I think we can avoid bloodshed in the future. But we must return to the Bible. Only when we return to the Bible will we not have to fear the bayonet.

Robert Charles Winthrop once wrote: “Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet.”

At the risk of being redundant I wish to close with similar words I began this post with:

An ounce of deductive reasoning would be so welcomed right now.

A state that can force-mask you is a state that can force-vaccinate you.

A state that can force vaccinate you is a state that can force you to take “the mark” in your forehead and arm.


“[The lawless tyrant] forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name…This calls for wisdom…” – Revelation 23:16-18 [emphasis added]

For the love of all that is right and holy, having explained all these things, I beg my fellow clergy to stop the naivete emanating from so many American pulpits, claiming that mask-wearing  is allegedly how we “show love to our friends and neighbors.” Awake and pay attention to the signs of the times. Your well-intended expressions of love may be the very thing that leads God’s sheep to their ruin, under the heartless boot of the Lawless One.

Author: Pastor Cary Gordon

Rev. Cary Gordon currently serves on the pastoral team of Cornerstone Church in Sioux City, Iowa, as Senior Pastor and President.