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Pastor A.J. Potter of Pleasantville Baptist Church gave outstanding testimony.

“I’m an ordained minister and I’m apparently radical because I believe that in Jesus there is life, not death,” he said. “I want to thank you for submitting SJR 9 — this is a statement against the culture of death that we see in New York and see in Virginia, we don’t want that here in Iowa.”

Potter pointed to the Iowa Constitution.

“Some of the very first words talk about the Supreme Being that the writer’s of our constitution believed in,” he said. “In the first article of our state constitution there is the defense of life. We have the right to defend life, that’s in our constitution. This amendment would help us further clarify what it is to defend life.”

What’s necessary, he said, is a baseline for dictating these sort of laws.

“We need a baseline that usurps what others would personally believe,” Potter said. “That baseline should be our Supreme Being, which our state constitution mentions. God is the giver of life and it’s not up to us to terminate life.”

Potter took issue with those testifying that the majority of Iowan’s aren’t against killing unborn children.

“I’m not for sure who polled every single Iowan in the state, but we did have an election and our governor was elected and she took a strong stand for the Heartbeat bill,” he said. “A majority of Iowans re-elected a pro-life governor.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall