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Kenneth Briggs, a pastor for 52 years in the United Church of Christ, testified against the life neutrality amendment Thursday at an Iowa Senate subcommittee.

Briggs said he has worked through “too many” situations over the years that if women did not have the freedom to “make decisions about their bodies, it could’ve been disastrous for their lives.”

“One woman I remember was a young woman in school, teenager, and she just made a mistake,” he said. “If she’d have had to go ahead and have that baby, it would’ve totally changed her life. She wouldn’t have gone to college, she wouldn’t have done a lot of things in her life, which I’ve kept track of her. She ended up with a college degree, a Master’s degree and has a high-powered job in tech and has raised a family of three boys and she did have one daughter who died six months after she was born (SIDs). She’s lived a good life, she’s been a good parent.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall