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A petition is being circulated online urging Hy-Vee to stop stocking Raygun products because of Raygun’s support and funding of abortion.

Raygun is known for its controversial, political t-shirts. And it also uses some of their proceeds to fund abortion. Raygun has held fundraiser for Iowa Abortion Access Fund as well, according to the petition.

Unlike Raygun, Hy-Vee is a family-friendly supermarket.

The rub for pro-lifers, Hy-Vee has been hosting Raygun clothing displays in their stores. Particularly concerning — and hypocritical — are the displays for children’s clothing.

“By stocking Raygun clothing in their stores, Hy-Vee is, itself, indirectly supporting abortion, and forcing its customers to indirectly support abortion,” the petition says.

The petition, set up between LifeSite and Personhood Iowa, asks Hy-Vee to remove Raygun displays from its stores and not renew Raygun’s contract moving forward.

“It is possible (even probable) that Hy-Vee may not even know about Raygun’s appalling promotion and funding of abortion,” the petition says. “So, now is the time to make Hy-Vee aware of how offensive Raygun’s funding of abortion is to their customers.”

You can sign the petition here.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall