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Captain Bob Snow has been with American Airlines for 31 years. As a pilot, Bob was monitored for health and fitness through the required Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exams to ensure he was in good health to be entrusted with the lives of passengers and crew. Bob was a picture of health.

All that changed last November 7, when the airline’s director of flight operations ordered Bob to get the COVID jab or be fired immediately. “Under duress, I took the vaccine,” Bob told viewers in footage recorded in his Intensive Care Unit room at a Texas hospital.


Six minutes after his plane’s wheels hit the ground at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Bob passed out in the cockpit. Emergency personnel rushed to the plane. Bob “coded out,” meaning he no longer had breath or a pulse. He required multiple shocks and intubation to stabilize him long enough for the ambulance to rush him to a local hospital’s cardiac unit.

“This is what the vaccine has done for me,” Bob said as he lifted his gown to reveal a myriad of wires and tubes snaking into and out of his body and connected to blinking and beeping machines.

Had Bob coded just minutes earlier during landing, the lives of all on board that aircraft as well as many on the ground below would have been in jeopardy. Praise God, none of the 200 people aboard his aircraft was lost that day. But Bob’s future is not rosy.

“This is unacceptable, and I am one of the victims” …

“I’ll probably never fly again,” Bob says with a slight break in his once strong and confident pilot’s voice. FAA health and safety requirements will preclude him from continuing in his chosen career.

Bob’s daughter wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an airline pilot one day. “I was hoping to teach my daughter to fly,” he says. But that will not happen, thanks to the damage the COVID shot did to Bob’s formerly healthy heart.

Bob is being treated by a world-renowned cardiac and COVID expert who also happens to be my friend and one of the many experts we consult.

Bob wants the world to know that “this is not the American way.”

According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), 52,424 heart injuries, including myocarditis, pericarditis and heart attacks, have been reported as a result of the COVID jabs. And that is just a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering total number of COVID shot injuries listed and to the actual number of cases, most of which are never reported to VAERS.

To date, more than 1,226,312 COVID shot injuries have been reported to VAERS. That is more than all other vaccines combined since VAERS began tracking in 1990.

Unbelievably, COVID shot pushers will not give up their quest to get a jab into every arm. “Vaccination” with the minimally tested COVID drugs continues to be a requirement for many of the basic functions of life in America and around the world.

In New York City, for instance, all individuals who work at “in person” jobs within city limits must be vaccinated. So, whether you are a cab driver, pizza maker, doctor or dog catcher, you must take the jab if you want to be allowed to work so you can feed your family.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration, CDC (Centers for Disease Control), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization), along with many city and state governments and private employers, all continue to push Vaccine Passports and vaccine mandates.

Now 25 states plus the District of Columbia have implemented or are considering Vaccine Passports. Add to this number at least 87 foreign nations!

As the 2022 election season gears up, we need to put politicians on notice RIGHT NOW that at the ballot box, WE WILL NOT FORGET their medical tyranny! Take a moment to fax state and federal leaders now.

Liberty Counsel is fighting for religious freedom on several fronts, including multiple COVID shot lawsuits making their way through the courts.

Yesterday, we had oral argument defending Sandra Merritt against Planned Parenthood at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Pray for a good decision.


Author: Liberty Counsel

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