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Planned Parenthood’s hypocrisy was on full display Wednesday during a subcommittee hearing on a bill that would protect Iowa children in schools.

The bill requires individuals to use the restroom that corresponds with their biological sex.

Jamie Burch Elliott, the lobbyist for the nation’s largest abortion provider, said that Planned Parenthood cares “passionately” about helping “everyone lead the healthiest life possible with dignity, with safety and respect.”

Of course, Elliott doesn’t mean everyone in the sense that it would include unborn babies, who by every measure are also people.

Elliott went on to say that the nation’s largest provider of abortion has “long stood” with LGBTQ individuals in their struggle for “full equality.”

But when considering how many millions of unborn babies have been aborted by Planned Parenthood, surely some of those babies would have grown up to identify as members of the LGBTQ community.

Elliott, who represents an organization every day that advocates and carries out a mission to continue legal abortion — which kills unborn boys and girls — accused legislators of “going after transgender children.”

But here was the kicker…

“All young people in our community need to feel loved and deserve to feel loved, secure and valued no matter what. They need support to be safe and find their way in the world.”

You cannot make this stuff up.

The lobbyist for the nation’s largest provider of abortion attempted to make an argument that young people — nobody can be younger than unborn children mind you — need (NEED) to feel loved and deserve (DESERVE) to feel “loved, secure and valued no matter what.”

No matter what would also mean something like, oh, I don’t know, no matter their age. And they need support to be “safe” and find their way in the world.

How about the importance of being safe while finding their way into the world?

Then came the cherry on top…

“This is about all of us being able to live our lives free from discrimination, harm and shame no matter who we are or what we look like. I’ll leave it at that,” Elliott finished.

Well, Jamie, how about this person? Does this person deserve to live free from harm no matter what they look like?

They look something like this:

Or this…

Or this…

Or this…

Do those young people deserve to be loved? Do they deserve to be free from harm?

Do they?

No matter what they look like?

I will leave it at that.