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Lawlessness begets lawlessness.

That seems to be the lesson out of Portland, where far-left Democrats have turned the city into an epicenter of violence and anti-police sentiments.

According to The Oregonian, “there have been 15 homicides in the city so far in July. That’s the most killings in one month in more than three decades…” 

At the same time, Joe Biden has called the violence in Portland “peaceful protests” and sided with far-left rioters and protesters.  

“Police Chief Chuck Lovell on Thursday said he’s very concerned about the heightened violence…” and “noted that the bureau was forced to cut its Gun Violence Reduction Team at the direction of the City Council…”

Biden supports cutting police funding and has said the police “have become the enemy.”

While it is difficult to believe, Americans would be well within reason to ponder if they will be safe in Biden’s America. President Donald Trump, however, has been working to strengthen safety in American communities. Four years ago Trump ran on a law-and-order platform, and that hasn’t changed at all in 2020.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall