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Every Tuesday a group of prayer warriors meet at the Iowa State Capital to pray.
We pray for the Representatives and Senators and their families, we pray for
legislation to take down the bad bills and bring in the good.


Today as I walked up to the Capital the security guards greeted me one said its like Sodom and Gomorrah up there I am glad you are back. I had been in Washington at David’s
Tent the week before.ʼ I chuckled and said what is going on?

The guard replied the pro-choice group is here and doing a rally until about two o’clock. I had not heard anything about it, nor had anybody else. I let him know we would be
praying and to have a great day.

Blessed to have a prayer room on Tuesday’s from 12-1 p.m., I first put on worship music
and started walking around the room praying, within a few minutes I could hear
the chants and yelling words of “its my body no one is going to tell me what to do
with it”.

A few more prayer warriors entered the room and I let them know what was going on. I texted some leaders from the National Day of Prayer and Heartland Church and let them know prayer was needed. Slowly the National Day of Prayer leaders let me know they were witnessing the same thing for their state. We did prayer a little different Tuesday. I asked each prayer warrior to walk around the room and pray, worshiping God to read scripture and to stay a little longer if they could.

The rotunda was loud but there were not very many people there. I was amazed
they were so loud because just a couple of weeks earlier I was asked three times
to lower the sound of the worship and proclamation readings that were going on in
that exact same place for the National Day of Prayer.

The first call I received was “You are being way too loud. I have had two complaints.” I let Suzy know that we had not even started the event and and there were only two 74-year old women helping put up chairs.

Yet on this Tuesday afternoon women and men were yelling negative words in rebellion of the laws that were passed last year and what laws were being passed in other states involving abortion.

Hate and rebellion seemed to be the theme of their agenda. And there were three buses of children getting tours as this was going on. We prayed the blood of Jesus over the children and ask God to protect their minds, hearts and ears. It always amazes me that they
pick days that innocent children are in the Capitol.

As we repented for the rebellion and the shedding of innocent blood, some of us
on our knees from beginning to end, it was only 1 pm. They still had an
hour to rebel, to remind everybody that they control their bodies and no one has
the right to change that.

I question the choice of the words control their bodies….for why would they have to get an abortion in the first place? They were finished, they invited the press and got their hour of fame.

Or did they?

Author: Brenda Brown

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