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President Trump met with leaders from the National Association of Police Organizations on Friday, where he told law enforcement officers that the Trump Administration stands behind them 100 percent.

Law enforcement has become a favorite target for both radical politicians and far-left protesters, who are calling to “defund” or “abolish” police departments nationwide.

“It’s common sense,” President Trump said, criticizing Democrat-run cities that are backing rioters over the police. “You’re not allowed to do your job. That’s the problem.”

🎬 Police officers have a champion in President Trump

This year alone, Chicago has seen more than 2,200 shootings. New York City has witnessed over 700. Meanwhile, murders in Philadelphia have risen by 32 percent, and Minneapolis has seen its homicide rate double.

These are just a few of the major cities that have seen violence skyrocket over the past few months as Democrat leaders look to appease rioters by scaling back policing.

“In 10 minutes you could’ve stopped it,” President Trump told law enforcement leaders, referring to the recent violence in New York City. “And you would’ve saved a lot of lives, and a lot of anger, and a lot of hardship.”

🎬 President Trump: “I actually think they’re afraid of these people”

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