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It isn’t often that someone can draw the ire of both Bible-believing Christians and LGBTQ activists. But that’s what President Donald Trump managed to do on Twitter on Friday.

You can read the tweet below:

Rabid LGBT activists blasted Trump for policies his administration has rolled out that are perceived as anti-LGBT.

Christians weren’t happy with the tweet either.

It’s an interesting move by President Trump, who undoubtedly won election due in large part to social conservatives looking past legitimate concerns due to the obvious pitfalls of a potential Hillary Clinton presidency. The tweet will seemingly gnaw at a chunk of his base.

And while it appears to be an extension of an olive branch to non-traditional GOP voters, the reaction from those same rabid LGBT activists on the Left shows there’s no shot at building that bridge.

It will be interesting to see if national figures within the GOP remain loyal to the social conservative/Christian beliefs on this issue or if they turn a blind eye to the President’s tweet.

Time will tell.