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Few political issues are actually a matter of life and death. Abortion, though, happens to be one that is strictly a matter of life and death.

Typically Republicans rally around the idea that unborn babies shouldn’t be killed. That tends to be a bedrock issue for Republicans. The Republican Party of Iowa platform contains an entire section focused on life.


It calls for the GOP to “aggressively support a life begins at conception bill without exceptions.”

It explicitly supports the Protect Life Amendment to the Iowa Constitution.

It states that all human beings, from conception until natural death, have a God-given and constitutionally protected right to life that cannot be infringed.

Republican State Rep. Jane Bloomingdale doesn’t agree with those statements. We know that because of her putrid voting record when it comes to life.

She voted against the Heartbeat Bill and she voted against the Protect Life Amendment. She was also one of the reasons the Iowa House didn’t even vote on the abortion neutrality amendment in 2020. She also did not vote for the 20-week abortion ban in 2017.

She isn’t pro-life, she supports abortion. Period.

Due to her record on abortion, she is being primaried by a pro-life conservative. Deb Hild’s top priority is pro-life legislation. She supports the Protect Life Amendment. She supports any legislation acknowledging human life begins at conception and is a person.

Bloomingdale doesn’t.

And if you are to believe a number of Republicans in the Iowa House, they will tell you they are pro-life. They’ll point to their “pro-life” voting record. And they probably have a couple of good pro-life speeches they can deliver too.

But in this race, there is a clear choice — a pro-life Republican (Hild) or a pro-abortion Republican (Bloomingdale).

Iowa House Republicans protected the pro-abortion Republicans by not bringing the abortion neutrality amendment up for a vote in 2020 because they “didn’t have the votes.”

They’ll say if you don’t like how someone is voting in the legislature, then primary them. Yet then when they are primaried, they side with the person voting against the Republican Party platform.

And in this case, voting against the lives of unborn babies.

And these same legislators — Matt Windschitl, John Wills, Bobby Kaufmann, Shannon Latham and Bubba Sorensen — will likely all tell you they’re pro-life.

But you know what pro-life Republicans don’t do? Support pro-abortion Republicans.

Why? Because nothing is more important than the life issue. Nothing. It is impossible for anything to even be equally important. Because without life, no other issue matters.

To the millions of babies aborted since 1973, no other issue mattered. Because the only issue that did matter for them in their life was the one that allowed them to be legally killed after they became a person but before they were born.

And the reality is that if Roe v. Wade is overturned this summer, Iowa’s legislators will not likely take any action until after voters have a say on the Protect Life Amendment, which will not happen until November of 2024. Meaning it is unlikely to see anything meaningful in terms of pro-life legislation happen until 2025.

It is estimated 4,000 babies are aborted a year in Iowa. So that is about 10,000 babies who will likely be aborted from the time Roe is overturned to the time the legislature acts.

And it is all because of Republicans like Jane Bloomingdale, Lee Hein and Dave Maxwell who refused to support the amendment in 2020.

Had that amendment passed, then Iowa voters would have their say on the amendment this election. But because House Republicans “didn’t have the votes,” 10,000 babies’ lives are in peril.

It is disturbing to see Iowa House Republicans rally for a pro-abortion Republican and against a pro-life Republican. It makes you wonder just where the priorities are. Just how pro-life are they.

Do they really desire to see the end of abortion in Iowa?

The coalition of Pro-Life leaders in Iowa should convene a meeting to figure out what the heck is going on here. How can these legislators who are “pro-life” be publicly supporting a legislator who has fought against the pro-life agenda?

There are a few explanations possible, none of them good.

Republicans should be able to expect better from their elected representatives. Pro-life Iowans should take a step back and ask if the Republican Party of Iowa is really truly interested in seeing the day abortion is no longer legal in Iowa — considering who one of these endorsers of Bloomingdale is.

Again, this isn’t personal. This is about public policy. This is about whether we believe an unborn baby has the right to life or not.

Bloomingdale does not believe an unborn baby has the right to life. Hild does.

And “pro-life” Iowa House Republicans are choosing to side with Bloomingdale.

What must that mean?

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Contrary to popular opinion, the GOP is no longer the party of the Grassroots. The Republican party began as a grassroot effort to end the diabolical institution of slavery which dehumanized a class/race of people as subhuman, undeserving of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Because the Whig party refused to listen to the people and would only give lip service, the grassroot started their own party and 2 years later, Lincoln became president.

    Jump forward 170 years and the ghost of the Whig party lives on with the DIABLOs – – Demonrat In All But Label Only – – within our party. Except this time, they refuse to recognize in inalienable humanity and rights of the preborn.

    These are the monsters, Jesus spoke of that it’d be better for them to be tied to a millstone and thrown into the sea. The blood of the innocents are on their hands.

    Their corrupted mindset isn’t just limited to abortion. I heard several DIABLOs even say that we can’t do anything about CRT or queer theory, because it’s a 1st amendment free speech issue that can’t be trampled.

    But some republican voters will justify reelecting the hypocritical DIABLOs, because of the other good legislations they’ve produced. They need to rethink that position because any “good” from them is not just tainted, but obliterated, by the wanton murder of millions of humans for convenience and profit. And that makes them complicit to the crimes against humanity and sin against the almighty Creator.

    As messed up as our country is now, how can we expect God to save our nation if we as a nation continue to turn a blind eye to “legalized murder”?

    If we want to get back in God’s graces, we not only need to vote the politicians out, we need to purge the party leadership. Otherwise, we’ll have to walk away from the GOP and start anew. Our forefathers did it twice before to get away from tyranny and we may have to buck up and do it again.

    But if we continue to elect people who refuse to uphold their oath to the Constitution. Who think their job isn’t to serve us, rather to think and rule over us. Not only is it treasonous according to Iowa’s Bill of Rights, they will drag us down to perdition. And we will deserve the coming great reset and New World Order.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I have been pointing out that Megan Jones is supporting Bloomingdale. We need representatives that support our ideas.


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