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I try not to spend too much time reading comments on Facebook. This is something I’ve become much better at as I have aged. Older and wiser.

But I’ve also been trying to be more responsive and engaging — so I’ve read more Facebook comments than I care to admit. And, for the record, I appreciate all the supportive comments. Please, keep those coming. And please keep engaging with The Iowa Standard’s posts.


But there was one dissenter who left a comment the other day accusing conservatives of being obsessed with gender and genitals.

Maybe we just prefer to trust the science?

Regardless, that isn’t what the conservative pushback is about when it comes to the gender identity movement. The reality of the situation is the radical LGBTQ-ers who are pushing the gender identity movement on us are specifically targeting one group in particular — kids.

This is likely due to the fact that most adults are not going to buy what they’re selling. Most adults sat through basic biology classes (you know, back when schools taught biology and teachers just assumed students’ pronouns and genders).

This means the gender identity movement has to target kids. One, because it is the next generation. And two, because they will never convince enough people who are adults, have life experience and have minds that are pretty well developed that gender is fluid or something we choose or — whatever.

This is not to suggest there are not people who genuinely struggle with their gender identity and that those folks are not worthy of kindness and compassion. Far from it.

We’re not talking about those individuals who genuinely struggle through this.

We are talking about people who want to treat this as though it is normal and something that should be celebrated.

There is no reason for kids to attend drag queen shows. None.

There is no reason to have kids attend pride events with pole dancing lessons. None.

There is no reason to have drag queens reading books to kids. None.

And there is absolutely no reason to allow children to undergo “gender transition” treatments or surgeries. None.

I get Republicans do a terrible job messaging against the LGBTQ agenda because far too many of them attempt to straddle the fence. Or because some of their most prominent staffers, consultants or donors are simply supportive of the LGBTQ agenda.

I get it.

But this gender identity movement should be something Republicans make a top issue going into November.

Realize not one Democrat — not one single Democrat in the Iowa Legislature — voted to protect women’s sports. Democrat State Sen. Kevin Kinney has touted some Republican endorsements and painted himself as a moderate, but he wasn’t there to vote that day on the Protect Women’s Sports Bill.

Would he have been the lone Democrat to vote to protect women’s sports?

Doubtful. At best. Democrats don’t really cross their base on these sorts of issues — no that’s more of a GOP thing to do.

I would be shocked if a majority of Democrats in Iowa support biological boys playing girls’ sports. I’d be floored. Most of the Democrats I’ve talked to — yes, I talk to Democrats — can’t even begin to wrap their head around that issue. They just shake their head, nod and agree that it makes no sense to allow boys to play girls’ sports.

With most issues, they’ll at least try to debate. But on that one, they throw in the towel as quickly as possible and prefer to move on to something else.

Why? Because they know it’s nonsense.

Kids, however, can be deceived to believe otherwise.

And that is where it seems the LGBTQ movement is focused when it comes to convincing people boys can be girls and girls can be boys.

This should not be something a school discusses a child. This is something that should be reserved for a child and a parent and a spiritual leader if they so desire.

Not a teacher or school counselor and a child without any notification of the parent.

Do not confuse conservatives’ desire to protect kids with some strange “obsession of gender and genitals.” If it weren’t for Democrats pushing all this stuff publicly, we wouldn’t even be discussing it.

Just leave the kids alone. They’re kids, not experiments.

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