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The new Department of Education Title IX rules effectively force radical Democrat gender ideologies and strange obsession with sexual orientation into every classroom in the country.

Why must the far-left radical “woke” wage their culture war against every child in the nation? What unfair discrimination or harassment is occurring that necessitates this drastic and authoritarian mandate on Iowans? Why is it appropriate for the federal government to threaten federal funds over unfunded gender mandates?

The State of Iowa has enjoyed civil rights in education for ‘gender identity’ since 2007.

Naturally, given Iowa’s long-standing reputation for upholding civil rights, and the outstanding reputation Iowans enjoy for generous hospitality, there exists no injustice which requires such sweeping and intrusive federal action.

The full legal implications of the 700 pages of rules is far from clear — but it is obvious that this proposal is a serious threat to the health and well-being of all Iowa children.

Transgender healthcare and gender ideology is completely devoid of objective standards — the possibilities for “support measures” required to accommodate these individuals is limitless.

Radical trans activists are so often abrasive and unyielding in the ‘tolerance’ they demand of others, these rules exacerbate the potential for conflict.

Far from supporting an individuals health and well-being, the demand of never-ending accommodation can just as easily be a pathological power manipulation poorly disguised as acceptance.

These rules provide avenue to withhold and conceal information from parents, increased stress between parents and public educators, is likely. Tensions on these issues are already boiling over in Iowa, and now the federal government is turning up the heat.

The dysphoric children themselves will be harmed the most by this proposal – and all other children exposed to the social contagion unleashed by this scheme.

Without legal authority and credible evidence, the Department is proclaiming the only acceptable response to children expressing dysphoria is immediate and unquestioning affirmation of a discordant gender identity.


Children often grow beyond their dysphoria when not subject to the absurdity of unquestioning affirmation.

Medical interventions for gender dysphoria often result in sterility and life-long sexual dysfunction. None have ever been approved by the FDA for this purpose and the long-term risks remain unknown.

There is a growing population of individuals, ‘desistors’ who openly regret their medical gender transition. This group of individuals is not receiving appropriate acknowledgment and are often attacked and slandered.  “Iowa Safe Schools,” the self-appointed group to guide children on transgender issues, have denied ‘desistors’ exist.

These rules create the likelihood that gender ideology will be taught to children in a way that obscures the full and compete picture of gender ideology and the truthful pitfalls individuals often fall through — that suicide and depression can persist post-transition, that a not-insignificant amount of individuals regret their transition, and that often teenagers grow beyond gender dysphoria as they naturally progress into adulthood.

In civilized society, children have basic human rights such as:  

the right to be taught the truth about science and biology;

the right to know their body is not their enemy and their sex is not a disease;

the right to natural growth and development in harmony with their body;

and the right to reach adulthood with all the bodily functions they were born with and meant to have;

This includes the right to preserve their fertility and ability to pass on their genetic inheritance to the next generation.

Children have the right to be protected from unproven treatments.

Children have the right to receive effective therapies and lasting relief for the true causes of their distress.

Children have the right to avoid enriching medical providers at the expense of their physical and mental integrity — trading one illness for another and creating lifelong dependence.

As codified in Iowa law, Children also have the right to compete fairly to win in the field of sports.

Most important, children have the right to natural guardians, i.e., parents, empowered to make the best decisions on their behalf to protect their mental, psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being for both the present and the long-term.

These proposed regulations undermine the basic human rights of children and pose serious physical, mental, and spiritual harm to the State of Iowa.

None of these potential harms were contemplated by Congress when they enacted Title IX in 1972. This has been allowed transpire because parents and leaders were asleep. But now we must awaken. Parents, faith and community leaders, and educators must speak out courageously and clearly about the many destructive consequences these regulations will have if implemented.


Author: Jeff Shipley


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