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For a little more than week Sen. Randy Feenstra has struggled to explain why he is so heavily supported by Main Street PAC, a group that lists red-flag gun control laws as one of its top legislative priorities.

Main Street PAC donated $5,000 directly to Feenstra’s campaign and announced it would put up an additional $100,000 to help Feenstra’s election.

And now we know what that “help” looks like.

“Where is Steve King?” is the title of the Main Street PAC mailer.

We wrote about Main Street PAC’s affinity for red-flag gun laws here. Feenstra went on Simon Conway’s show on 1040 WHO Radio and struggled to answer a simple yes/no question. You can listen to that exchange below.

“Randy Feenstra has chosen to side with the swamp in each step of this campaign,” said Jeff King, on behalf of Congressman King’s campaign. “Not only would he not call for this RINO PAC to stay out of this race, he actually went out to DC in January with his hand out begging for their support while attending their candidate school. We’ve seen what Des Moines Randy is like. I can’t imagine what DC Randy would be like.”

Jeremy Taylor, one of King’s other primary challengers, criticized the mailer sent by Main Street PAC.

“The approach I’ve taken hasn’t been to torch the base while disrespecting Steve King’s service on CNN’s Don Lemon or enlisting the direct help of a moderate D.C. PAC that supports Red Flag laws,” Taylor said. “Instead, I’ve made it clear: I’m here to run against J.D. Scholten and Nancy Pelosi. I’m running because I’m the constitutionalist who can win and it starts with focusing on how we can win this seat and help take back the U.S. House for a new conservative majority.”

Bret Richards, another GOP challenger, put out the following statement:

”Like so many career politicians, Senator Feenstra has mortgaged his conservative principles for the next PAC check. He says one thing in public on his Big Money TV ads, but makes promises to out-of-state donors that no conservative Iowan would want. His biggest donors want him to support red flag laws, amnesty, and abortion-on-demand.

“If you have any doubt he’ll sell out once in office, just look at his record on sports gambling. He was against it until a donor told him to think otherwise. Now, it’s the law of the land.

“When a tough vote comes up and there’s a knock on the door, who will Senator Feenstra listen to? You, or the establishment special interests that bought him the job?

“In Iowa, that’s not how neighbors act. A handshake in our small towns means you’ll be consistent and stay true to your word. While other candidates skip out on debates because they’re afraid of their records being exposed, I’ll never waver from my principles and firm commitment to stand strong on my values and beliefs.”

Author: Jacob Hall