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This is a response from Planned Parenthood vowing to fight Missouri’s abortion ban for abortions based solely on race, gender and the potential for Down Syndrome. Planned Parenthood said “EVERY” reason for an abortion is a valid reason for an abortion.

State Rep. Skyler Wheeler (R-Orange City) said that comment is prob.ably one of the most evil things he’s ever heard.

“That is the most racist, sexist and discriminatory comment I’ve ever read in my life,” he said. “It’s no secret Planned Parenthood is full of evil, now they’re just bringing it out more and more. This is all the more reason to push against giving them any sort of public dollars and any kind of credibility as being a ‘good place’ for women to go to receive services. There are many different options out there that provide better service and also do not think it’s OK to kill a baby because it might be black, might be a girl or potentially has Down syndrome.”