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This is a response from Planned Parenthood vowing to fight Missouri’s abortion ban for abortions based solely on race, gender and the potential for Down Syndrome. Planned Parenthood said “EVERY” reason for an abortion is a valid reason for an abortion.

State Sen. Jake Chapman (R-Adel) recalled the claims of abortion being “rare.”

“Planned Parenthood has once again demonstrated just how extreme of an organization they really are,” he said. “No longer is Planned Parenthood talking about abortion being rare, rather they have now taken the position that ‘EVERY reason to have an abortion is a valid reason.’

“Killing a baby in the womb because of their sex, race or diagnosis of Down syndrome is a radical view that does not resonate with the American people. Planned Parenthood’s comments and their crusade to profit from taking the life of innocent children simply because they are a particular race or gender or because the child has an extra chromosome is simply disgusting and reprehensible.”