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Without sounding like too much of a Debbie Downer, I struggle to envision a scenario where Joe Biden does not emerge the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

I’ll be honest, there is nothing inside of me that doesn’t believe the Democrats have stolen this election. Things simply do not happen how they happened by chance. The Chinese currency doesn’t tank. The money market for the election doesn’t move that far for Trump late on election night. States don’t just quit counting ballots.

The previous election’s loser doesn’t tell her party’s nominee publicly to refuse to concede on election night — no matter what happens.

Postal Service employees don’t share stories about mail-in ballots being backdated. Dead people don’t show up as absentee voters in Michigan.

Joe Biden doesn’t outperform Senators in swing states but underperform Senators in Virginia, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Joe Biden doesn’t underperform Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in cities — except for cities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Republicans do not lose control of a single state legislature.

Joe Biden doesn’t inspire millions and millions of more Americans to vote for him than his former boss — Barack Obama — did.

I’m sorry. While I recognize most of those details are circumstantial evidence, taken as a whole they paint a pretty clear picture.

And I was not a huge fan of President Donald J. Trump four years ago. Heck, I still have my concerns. But, the reality is I cannot reconcile what I’ve seen and heard with what the election results in certain states show.

On Monday, Real Clear Politics pulled Pennsylvania out of Biden’s column and shaded it gray once again. That change pulled Biden below the necessary 270 electoral college votes to win the presidency.

Legal challenges will move forward, and this election may well come down to the Supreme Court.

But the court will need more than circumstantial evidence. It will need evidence of extensive voter fraud in key areas.

Regardless, I’m concerned that few on the court, few in state legislatures across the country and few in Congress will have the spine to reverse a decision that has been made by mainstream media and take away “President-elect” from Joe Biden.


Because if they did that, cities across this country would burn to the ground. There is no doubt about it.

The Left has demonstrated what it is capable of this year already after George Floyd’s death. This would be worse than that — probably by about 10 times.

Republicans, though, must let their elected officials know that they demand a fair, honest and transparent vote. And elected Republicans must be expected to stand with President Trump in his calls for every LEGAL vote being counted.

At the end of the day, half of this country will not likely accept the results of this election. Maybe that’s been the grand scheme of Democrats all along. How else do you explain polling that is off by double digits? And mail-in ballots being counted well after election day and almost all breaking for Biden?

What we need to do is pray to God. Our country needs wisdom and healing only He can provide. And we need Him to intervene and, if there was or is indeed voter fraud, God can expose it. We need to also ask God for the peace necessary to accept whatever the result ends up being — after all, Biden could have actually won this thing.

I know for many it doesn’t feel like it, but God is in control. And no scheme of man can unravel God’s plans here on Earth.

There is much at stake in this election. We all know that. With so much turbulence in our election process, perhaps it is time to readjust our eyes on Him and hit our knees and simply ask Him to guide our nation, expose any evil schemes of man when it comes to our election process and, despite our nation’s many sins, to continue blessing the United States of America.

Author: Jacob Hall


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