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Protests by large groups of Iowans led by Black Lives Matter of Iowa continue to seek equality and justice for people of color. They are calling for the Governor to sign an executive order to restore voting rights to felons. Because she hasn’t done so, the group wrote an Executive Order for her. I was proud to stand with them at the rally where the EO was unveiled.

Black Lives Matter presented five goals at the Capitol:

1. Iowa State Legislature votes down HF 2532, legalizing corporal punishment in Iowa public schools. (The corporal punishment sections were taken out of the bill before passage)

2. Iowa State Legislature supports and passes the “Plan for a More Perfect Union.”(The bill passed unanimously in the House and Senate and signed into law by the Governor.)

3. Iowa State Legislature decriminalizes cannabis across the state of Iowa and expunges the records of all those charged with cannabis-related offenses.(This has not yet been introduced at the Capitol.)

4. Iowa State Legislature ends juvenile detention and reallocates resources into education and public mental health services.(This has not yet been introduced at the Capitol.)

5. Gov. Kim Reynolds passes an executive order immediately reinstating the voting rights of all Iowans with felony charges who have served their sentences.(The Governor said this will be done before the Nov. election, but has not yet issued an order)

Marti Anderson

Author: Marti Anderson