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Today my bill to strike “Gender Identity” from the Iowa Civil Rights code was read in (it’s now public). This bill, House File 2164, strikes those two words from about 30 places in the code.

Iowans understand fairness, common sense, and biology. Democrats inserted Gender Identity into the Iowa Civil Rights Code in 2007 and I am worried about the unintended consequences that it has created.

A woman athlete should not have to compete against males claiming to be a woman, and certainly women athletes should not lose out on scholarships or professional opportunities because they got beat by a male in a woman’s sport.

Women should not have to feel as though they can no longer use a women’s locker room or restroom because of the presence of biological males.

Our taxpayer-funded medical programs should not be forced to pay for gender reassignment surgeries.

Our prisons should not have to house biologically male prisoners in a women’s prison facility.

This bill corrects those issues.

Dean Fisher

Author: Dean Fisher